My mastermind agency groups are a place for real conversation about business and life. It is a place to have fun, to stay curious, to create and to learn while eating good food and enjoying even greater company.

During the time we are hanging out together, we figure out challenges in a structured brainstorming environment while making real connections.  Not the kind where you measure your success by how many cards you passed out, but feel good because you made new friends that may last a lifetime.  The mastermind agency group fosters an environment that is safe and supportive, where your entrepreneurial voice is discovered, heard, and developed.  

My mastermind agency group is the place to be creative, share resources, problem solve, find inspiration, and clarity.  A place to spend time with exceptional, motivated female entrepreneurs, face to face, unplugged.  


Creative Art Session

When you join this fun, interactive art workshop, you will create your own one-of-a-kind, unique abstract painting! And in the process, you will unleash your creative side, relieve stress, and hone your problem-solving skills while quieting the mind. Everything required to complete the masterpiece included! Canvas, art supplies, music, great company, delicious food and drink, and instruction! 

A creative art session is for established creatives or crayon & stick figure artists. In other words, no experience required. 

creative art session.jpg