Child's Play! Thanks @llveto for letting me share your son's delgihtful photo and artistic work at its best!!!!!  "Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up."-Pablo Picasso

Child's Play! Thanks @llveto for letting me share your son's delgihtful photo and artistic work at its best!!!!!

"Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up."-Pablo Picasso

These days you hear a lot about the word creative. It's the new buzz word for many entrepreneurs that call themselves a "creative" and it's the thing that everyone is trying to do more of in a world that is overworked, overstressed, and overstimulated. 

The dictionary describes Cre-a-tive as relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.

Getting more creative in your business, art or life will benefit you in many ways. Last week I suggested you write a 6 word story. Did anyone give it a go? This week I suggest you become a child for a few hours. Children are creative without restrictions. They don't think about if it is good or bad until someone puts that idea in their head. So whether you choose to build a soap box derby car, take an art class, dream up a new recipe or do something completely illogical and spontaneous, try to do it from a child's perspective. And don't over complicate it! As little as a twenty minute creative session will do wonders for your brain and over all well-being! 

If you have been struggling with blocks or perfection or preconceived notions that prevent you from realizing your dreams or simply want to practice being more creative in a more structured way, then join my FREE Online Creative Art Session starting AUG 27th-31st and get your creative on for 5 straight days. Each day we will have a little creative fun for just 15-20 minutes and it will set you up for success for the rest of the day! So let's get going! Shoot me an email at and let me know you want to join. And feel free to share with a friend! This is going to be fun!! 

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I’ve been silent on the blog front for a while, and the truth of all that is while I was helping others build their business and writing my blogs from an entrepreneur’s point of view, sharing tips and business lessons, I was also listening to my heart and developing my passion as a creative in the art field.  So when it came to writing blogs, I wasn’t exactly sure how to share the through line between art, creativity and business until now.

If you think about it for a minute, art and creativity are intertwined in everything we are and everything we do, regardless if you are an entrepreneur, in a career, practicing as a creative or searching for your next adventure.  In fact, did you know that CEO’s rate creativity as the number one skill they look for in an employee?  So creativity is important, and it is my goal to bring more art and creativity into your business or life.

When we talk about business though, perhaps Andy Warhol said it best.

andy warhol.jpg


AND, if you want to be good in business, it helps if you are creative. But how can you become more creative in your everyday life? In my Creative Art Sessions, we dig a little deeper, but for today, I recommend starting with something simple. But one time won’t do the job. It needs to be on a regular basis so stay tuned to my blogs and newsletters for more creative ideas and practices. You want to stay sharp, er, creative, right?

Here’s a little Creative exercise to get you started.

Ernest Hemingway, one of the greatest authors of all time, was once challenged to write a complete story in just six words. Never one to shy from a challenge, he wrote, “For sale: baby shoes, never used.”  What would your complete six-word story be?  Please share in a dm to me or in comments. I would LOVE to hear YOUR story!

Xo, jan

PS: This is great way to sum up your business or create a 10 second pitch for your business, not just stretch your mind in creative ways! This is also a fun “parlor game” to try with your friends.

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As many of you know, I just relaunched Entrepreneurial Voice with Jan McCarthy, my Radio Show airing on iTunes & Stitcher as a Podcast! It's been a wild ride and an awesome experience! I could do an entire post on everything I've learned, but one lesson that really stands out is that we seldom do anything alone. Many people have helped to bring this podcast alive, from my daughter Keeley McCarthy and web designer Milena Mallory who encouraged me to continue podcasting, to my new producer Traci DeForge of Produce Your Podcast who has taken something that is really hard for me (all the technical aspects and nuances of figuring out podcasting), and making it easier -(in fact, making it possible) for me to continue doing a podcast. 

This week on the Radio Show Podcast "Entrepreneurial Voice", Kerstin Kuhn of The Little Foodie Club shares what keeps her going in a business that has tested her patience, her bank account and even her passion. She also shares the secret of getting your kid to eat broccoli, spinach and corn! You will not want to miss this episode!! OH, and would you help a girl out and write a review and leave a rating. It would mean so much and help other people find my podcast. Thanks sooooo much! 

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 photo credit by Eric Rippin Photography

photo credit by Eric Rippin Photography

Hi, hi, hi!!  I'm so excited!  After a hiatus of almost 18 (?) months, the Entrepreneurial Voice Radio Show Podcast is back, and it’s got a brand new format!!!

The new show name has changed just slightly, it is now called Entrepreneurial Voice” but I will continue to share the voice of today’s most innovative and creative entrepreneurs with conversations that cover their lifestyles and journeys, resources and advice, as well as challenges and triumphs!  

The first episode is already live!!! And it is titled Angelo & Ed of angelo:HOME and Baxter Manor. You’ll get to hear the insider secrets on how Angelo went from a struggling actor and coffee barista to creating a mega empire of everything design.

I really want to get the podcast to the top of the iTunes “New and Noteworthy” charts, but in order to make this happen I’ll need your help!  iTunes rankings are based on subscriptions, ratings, and reviews, so the more listeners that subscribe and leave a 5 star rating with a positive review, the more likely the podcast will rank higher!

I’d be so appreciative if you could TUNE IN, click Radio Show in the navigation bar, then subscribe on iTunes, listen, enjoy, leave an honest review of the new podcast and a 5 star rating if you are inclined. This helps spread the word about the podcast so others can find it.  Btw, you can also share on FB when you click view in iTunes and select "get" under price. 

If you are on an iPhone or iPad, click this link to open the podcast on your device. You’ll need to click “Subscribe” then the “Reviews” tab to leave a review. If you are not on an iPhone, or you use a different podcasting app, search for Entrepreneurial Voice in the app, subscribe, and leave a review there.

Thanks so much for listening!  You are the best and I appreciate you helping to share the voices of these amazing entrepreneurs! Together we will ignite a creative spirit and inspire the entrepreneurial voice!


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We know we aren't supposed to, but how many of us secretly covet our business neighbor's IG or FB accts and are green with envy? I must admit, I'm guilty! It seems like no matter how hard I try, I feel like I will never ever catch up! And I look at some of those IG acct pictures and I don't know what makes that photo worth a gazillio likes! I mean, it's not that coo!!!!

So what is a business girl or guy to do? My mother used to say, "Clean up your own backyard before you start trying to clean up someone else's." Of course the meaning of this quote is to mind your own business. And the deeper meaning of that is when you are minding your business, you aren't focusing on someone else. And..... the more you focus on your business and concentrate your efforts on building your business rather than wasting time monitoring what your nemisis is doing, the more likely you will succeed and be the object of others envy. and really, that's all you can do.

xo, jan

OCT 19 we are launching my Radio Show PODCast!


 image by Li Yang

image by Li Yang

I don't know about you, but I feel like I am barely keeping my head above water!  There is just so much on my plate, and as much as I keep writing everything down, and checking off the lists, I feel like there is always more, (like laundry) and that there are things falling through the cracks.

How to overcome this feeling of overwhelm is the million dollar question, but if you feel this way too, join me as I try to be more productive by following these simple tips.

Keep your desk clean and tidy (My husband is going to laugh when he reads this blog because I really don't have a desk or rather I have several, most of them disguised as a kitchen + dining + counter top table - and all of them are a bit filled with clutter, but I'm trying to whittle down the piles.) 

Concentrate on one project at a time (Ok, this one is really, really really hard, but I'm going to try. I mean it this time.)

Set two or three times to read and answer your email (I can do this) 

Batch projects or tasks (I keep hearing this is valuable way to save time and be more efficient so defintiely worth a shot)

Schedule your social media (Ok, easier said than done but yes, ok, a social media calendar will be my one project tomorrow after I do 20 other things I've got going)

Give yourself something to look forward to (I can defintiely do this!)

Let me know how it works out for you!! I look forward to connecting on the other side of relaxation. 

Again, if you haven't signed up for my newsletter (just go to my website and do so now to hear about the latest, greatest, and especially the launch (relaunch) of my new podcast show! It will be filled with great conversations from some really fascinating entrepreneurs and I know you will love hearing their stories and traveling with them on their journey of entrepreneurship. And hey, join me on instagram @janmccarthy and FB, too. I like hanging out with y'all!

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Okay, I know what you are thinking, Jan McCarthy, Entrepreneurial Voice, that's the blog I get in my E-mailbox, and you are right, but it is also the Podcast Radio Show that is coming soon! Like next week soon! And I am so excited! 

The Entrepreneurial Voice Blog is observations about business that I share, and now you will get even more when you tune into my


 And listen in as I share the voice of today's most innovative and creative entrepreneurs with conversations that cover their lifestyles, journeys, resources, advice, challenges, and triumphs.

What's cool, is you will be able to listen on iTunes and at your convenience! A new show will be released every WED! So get ready! It's launching. And when it does, I will tell you how you can subscribe to iTunes and always be uptodate on the latest episode!

xo, jan



I was talking to a fellow entrepreneur the other day and she mentioned how her clients were kind of taking advantage of her and she didn't really know what to do. As she described the scene, I found out that she schedules appointments with clients in her home after many email exchanges. They pay her when they get there, and even though their appointment is scheduled for 30 minutes, they are often late, creating havoc for the next client or they stick around to chat, long after their appointment is over. And many times, they forget to bring money so she ends up having to chase them down (not literally) to collect.

OH, so many of us have been there!  The first thing I would like to say is, we teach our clients/customers how to treat us. The client/customer isn't doing anything wrong, they are just following the guidelines she set up to begin with. And I understand! As an entrepreneur, it is common to start out trying to do something nice, be accommodating and flexible, and especially if we are trying to build our business! But...., by not setting up parameters and best business practices in the first place, we are setting ourselves up for disaster or to be taken advantage of! 

I suggested she make it easy for her clients to respect her boundaries and to actually make it much easier on herself by putting a calendar in place so cliens can schedule their own appointment. This way she can eliminate the constant back and forth with email exchanges. Using this method allows the client to know immediately what times are available, and they can possibly also pay in advance. This eliminates her having to chase people down for payment. I use and it works great!  She can create a website or perhaps use the same app to explain appointments must be on time and anyone later than five minutes will result in a cancellation without refund. Additionally, she can add that while she loves to chat with you, other people are waiting so she must limit social time for another date.

These are simple solutions and help us to set boundaries that our clients can appreciate and respect. In the end, we will be happier too! 

xo, jan

Soon you will be able to hear the Entrepreneurial Voice of today's most innovative and creative entrepreneurs with conversations that cover their lifestyles, journeys, resources, advice, challenges, and triumphs on my upcoming Radio Show "Entrepreneurial Voice" that airs as a podcast on iTunes! Sign up for my newsletter at to receive notification as soon as it launches the first week in OCT! 


3 Questions

A couple of years ago I read an article in one of the popular entrepreneurial magazines such as INC, Entrepreneur, or Fast Company and it has stuck with me ever since. It talked about growing your company and said to ask yourself three questions. This approach seems to be really simple but incredibly powerful. 

1. What's Important?
2. What should be the same?
3. What needs to change?

When you answer these questions you are able to focus on what really matters and discard any of the superfluous stuff that is holding you back or keeping you stuck. You can move forward with what is working and change what is not. BAM! 

xo, jan
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In my business, I want to make sure that I give my clients, customers as much value and service as I can. I am constantly thinking of how much they can benefit from this extra piece of advice, activity, or content. I think in family life this might be called hoovering, or helicopting, but I digress. What I'm trying to say is, maybe less is more.

The reason for this post is because I recently went on vacation to Mexico and at one of the restaurants, a great restaurant with great food, our waiter would not leave us alone. He was there to fill our water glass every time we took a sip, removing our plate before we put the fork down after our last bite, asking us constantly if we wanted anything. And much of this was during an especially moving and emotional conversation with a friend of ours. Dare I say it? It was too much service. It kind of ruined the experience for us.

I also have noticed that with one of the many groups I belong to, that they give me so much information and so many choices, I am simply overwhelmed and confused. I appreciate that they appreciate I paid for this and want to make sure I find it valuable. And their content is amazing, but I can't keep up! Right now there are at least five classes I can choose from, three different podcasts I can listen too with different subjects, and then their daily updates, newsletters, extra pages, and by the time I'm finsihed trying to get through all this in an effort to run my business better, I'm out of time to actually work on my business!! 

So less is more. I'm going ot try to focus more on giving simple, qualified quality content and not focus so much on filling the basket to overflowing, and maybe others will do the same. 

xo, jan


I drank coffee with a friend the other day and as is often the case, once we get past "what have you been doing?", the conversation turns to business, art and life, well, because, what else is there? Duh.

This business conversation was about our inability to sell ourselves, as in owning what we do, declaring our worth, celebrating our talents and recognizing our strengths. We talked about the fact that if it is someone else, we can promote, sell them, and spread the word about how great they are. But when it comes to ourselves, we turn shy and fearful.

How to get over this is a conversation that comes up over and over again with the women I work with. When did we lose our mojo? How is that we don't have faith in ourselves and are afraid to put ourselves out there? Do we worry too much that we will let others down? What if they don't really like our product, service or worse, us? What if yikes, we are a fraud? 

The best way I know to overcome this malady, is to get back to the root of what you do and why you do it. Ask yourself if you are doing the best you can. Would you feel confident enough in this product, service, yourself to share it with your family, partner, spouse and child? Would you sell something that was inferior? (of course not!) 

Daniel Pink wrote a book called "To Sell is Human" and the premise of the book is that we are ALL selling everyday. Children are contantly selling their parents on what they want, (and they are relentless too!) We talk (sell) our partners, spouses, and friends into what we want on a daily basis, be it a restaurant, movie or activity. And when we are "selling" we are trying to get others to come around to our way of thinking because we believe (or should) that they will benefit in what we are offering. And we have always been able to sell (share) something when we are keen or excited about it. 

What you produce (be it a product or service) will benefit others and if it doesn't, and you aren't proud and excited to put your name on it and stand behind it, then maybe you want to rethink that product or service. Selling is sharing.

xo, jan


As I sit here writing my blog while the TV plays in the background, I realize I can't concentrate. I'm watching the news and it is horrific! Fires are raging over a section of homes in southern CA, threatning over 1500 homes and 2000 acres of land. My random business lessons seem so overrated in the face of true tragedy. 

I realize in a matter of minutes, many of these people have lost their homes, their identity, their life as they know it and quite possibly their hope. I can't even imagine the anguish and despair they must feel, yet at the same time so grateful that they have the things that really truly matter, their lives and those of their children, and hopefully their pets. And in another part of the country, torrential rains are flooding parts of Baton Rouge, LA and surrounding areas and once again, I see stories of devastation and loss. I also see, in both of these situations, lack of preparation. And it makes me think of what I can do to be prepared and how I would get over sometihing so devastating and rebuild a future.

In addition, and not on the news today, but a friend of some of my dear friends lost his business to a fire just a couple of weeks ago. It was a transformer that fell and set fire to five buildings. This man was an artist and sculptor and he lost all his life work. 

So mostly, I'm sitting here, thoughtful and sad for these families and individuals who will face some ultimate challenges coming up here in the future, and sitting here so grateful for all that I have today. There are no promises, but this is a reminder to do the best we can, prepare for the unexpected, and have compassion and love for those who are shouldering such unfortuante burdens. 

xo, jan


 Painting is a lesson in figuring it out as you go to create a masterpiece later on

Painting is a lesson in figuring it out as you go to create a masterpiece later on

Just because I pretend otherwise, doesn't make it so. I'm talking about mistakes, knowing all the answers, and getting it right the first time. As an entrepreneur, I want to put up the best front possible. I want clients/customers to think I am proficient, capable, and on top of my game.  And most of the time, I am. But the truth is, mistakes happen, there are times I have no idea what I'm doing, and just like parenthood, I continue to figure it out as I go. And the more I talk to others, the more I know we are all in the same boat. 

This past week I hosted and facilitated a women's creative retreat. I tried many new things, and that was sort of the point. (I asked the women to do new things and something out of their comfort zone too, it was part of the process and allowed us to become vulnerable and get over our fear(s) of everything being perfect). And between trying things not normally in my wheelhouse and getting out of that "safe" place, I made mistakes. At times, looked like quite the amateur I'm sure. But it was okay. I learned, and no one really cared. Or knew. In fact, if the women that attended my retreat read this post, they will probably contact me and say, whhaaaattt? It taught me I can get through anything. And so can you. 

xo, jan


I live in a building that is really kind of cool, very historical, (art deco as a matter of fact) with an awesome clock tower and although none of this information is especially essential to this blog, it bears mentioning because the building attracts a lot of creative types and people that enjoy socializing and being involved with their community. And being the bon vivant that I am, I became the Social Director for the building.

So, being the Social Director, I plan social events for the building. Duh. We have book club, occasional outings like the Kentucky Derby party at the local race track, holiday loft tour for the residents, and wine club to name a few.  Some events are more successful than others, and sometimes we have huge participation and sometimes, especially without the proper promotion, we have duds. Meaning hardly anyone shows up. 

Our last event was the wine club (whereby a different resident hosts the wine club in his/her loft), and on this particular club date, a resident that I have been encouraging to host, finally decided he would. Only problem was, he decided a week prior to do so. Not much notice! I was skeptical about getting many of the residents to come at such a late date, especially considering that many were attending a local event, but he was cool about hosting anyway so we went forward with the event. 

Now the host is gregarious and sociable, and of course didn't want to throw a little shindig and have the room empty.  So he got creative and hustled. He created little flyers, and went door to door, inviting residents to come. And even though the wine club is posted in the elevators and on a private social group, people tend to get blind to what is going on. Hustling and making the personal connection and outreach brought out residents who have never attended wine club, as well as the regulars who always try to come. Residents even canceled other plans to come to wine club.. The room was full and over-flowing and everyone had a great time. 

So it pays to hustle. It pays to connect, face to face. 

xo, jan


Don't waste your time with the person who is not in charge. Find the person in power, and make your pitch to them. This is true for most anything you are involved in. I was on the phone for over an hour today, told my story four times, and I was still no closer to getting a resolve. Unfortunately I wasn't talking to the person who could resolve my situation. My friend was looking for a new place to live, but because she was working with a third party, (not the decision maker) she lost out. So go straight to the top. Get the person who can actually make a decision, hopefully one in your favor.

xo, jan

photo credit by Nirzar Pangarkar from unsplash


As a mom, I was picky about who babysat my kids. There was only one girl I really trusted with the kids, and if she was unavailable, I was kinda outta luck. It's not that there weren't more babysitters that could do the job. It's just that I was probably kind of comfortable and didn't go beyond my little neighborhood to search for other reliable babysitters that could successfully do the job in case of an emergency. Until that one day, when, (you know how the story goes) when my babysitter was unavailable, yet this was the day I really, really needed one.  That was the day I knew what the saying, Don't put your eggs all in one basket" really meant. 

We've probably all been in the position of counting on one person or thing to do something for us, riding in a carpool, going on a vacation, flying a certain airline, relying on only one vendor. But the problem with that, is when you get comfortable and think everything is going along smoothly, when that other person or thing shuts down, quits, changes their algorithm, ups their prices, changes their mind, goes on strike, drops in the market, we are the ones left holding the empty basket. 

The business lesson is this. Don't rely so heavily on one person, thing, company, service to make your business go. (or your life either for that matter)  You've got to have your hand in several pots and constantly evaluate - and maybe even have a plan B. Planning and knowing what you will do if something happens to that person, thing, company and they are no longer available, will help your life be less stressful.

xo, jan



When it comes to finding a partner in business, be careful who you choose. Starting out, it is natural to feel giddy and excited about your new venture, thereby overlooking the nuances, the personality traits, and the difficulties you may face with a partner as the business takes off.

A business partnership is as critical as a marriage when you join forces. Aside from all the legalities you must consider, it is important to recognize both your strengths and your weaknesses. Be clear about how you will handle certain situations as they arise, including the worst case scenario. Your business will want to consider an exit strategy and both partners should be on the same page. 

Don't be afraid to ask the tough questions and listen to your gut. If there is something that scares you or raises a red flag, take a closer look and see if this is something you need to consider more closely.  The truth and reality of the situation needs to be fully considered and the right course of action taken based on that truth. If you have crossed all your t's and dotted all your i's, then go ahead and proceed. But always with caution. 

Good luck!

xo, jan


What do all these items have in common?

The slinky
Chocolate-chip cookies
Potato chips
The Pacemaker
Silly Putty
Microwave ovens
Corn Flakes
Ink-Jet printers
Post-it notes
The color mauve
Ice cream cone
Tea bags
Safety glass

Everything here was invented by making a mistake. 

xo, jan



So there are carrots, the kind our mother's made us eat at suppertime under the guilt of there were kids starving in China or the " it doesn't mean anything to me now" adage, carrots will help your eyesight. (10 year olds don't care!) And then there are fresh carrots pulled from the ground, good, and a variety of carrots in deep purples, orange, yellow, again good. But then, there are carrots!!!!! Carrots so good you think you are having dessert. 

I recently attended a cocktail party, and one of the items on the hors d' oeuvres menu was carrots. From the photo, you can see these aren't just any carrots. They were carrots roasted with sea salt and olive oil (maybe a few other special ingredients with freshly made pistachio pesto and they were off the chart delicious and incredibly beautiful too. So as I sat sipping my wine and feasting on carrots, I was thinking about business (duh) and it occurred to me that if everyone treated their business like the chef treated these carrots, you could build your fan base and loyal following, (not to mention increase your sales.)

So the next time you create a website, design a store display, curate or create your products, or deliver a service, think carrots. But not just any carrot. Make your carrots special, always.

xo, jan