... Because that's what I do with the women entrepreneurs I work with!  I hold your hand when you are wondering what to do next, I talk you off the ledge when you are freaked out and ready to leap or quit. I help you find the resources you need when you are struggling to find people to do stuff, listen when you are needing to sort things out, help you find a new perspective, and provide answers to the questions you have. I help you find your voice when it has been silent, celebrate when you have reached a milestone or figured things out, and boost you up when you need a lift. I provide support and introduce you to new ways of thinking, share knowledge that you didn't have, introduce you to friends that will be there for you in your darkest hour, and cheer you on when you get tired. Lastly, I guide you every step of the way on this entrepreneurial journey.  It will be a life changing decision that will take you farther than you have ever gone before, and during the journey, there is someone to hold your hand.