Art and especially Frida Kahlo is easily one of the most notable contributors to the allure of Mexico City, so when Seek The Uniq asked me to collaborate and design a Creative Art Session for their Creative Escape (adventures, exploration, and creative workshops with like-minded women) in Mexico City of May 2018, I created a workshop that would channel the true spirit and creativity of Frida Kahlo and focus on the theme of self-discovery. life-reflection and creative unblocking.

Frida’s life experiences and self were always reflected in her paintings and I borrowed from that philosophy. I took each of the women attending the escape (and the one lone male who happened to be our tour guide) on a journey to discover self and celebrate themselves as individuals and then articulate that in a unique painting that spoke to them through the process of art making and creativity.  What made this painting experience a huge success and unique, fun and creative was it gave everyone the opportunity to create an independent composition that steers away from the normal reference and visual language that they have of themselves, and reinforce the true beauty that lies within each of us. As a side-benefit, some new art techniques were learned while establishing celebration as a ritual, self-confidence, better problem-solving skills, enhanced sensibilities, and stress relief tactics.