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Welcome to the Entrepreneurial Voice Radio Show Podcast with artist and entrepreneur, Jan McCarthy, as she shares the voice of today's most innovative and creative entrepreneurs with conversations that cover their lifestyles, journeys, resources, advice, challenges, and triumphs. Listen below and don't miss a single episode when you click below to subscribe via iTunes.


Lead Stylist and Creative Director of Goldie And Bob

Liz followed the playbook everyone (including herself) thought she should follow, but in the end, she realized that the only playbook she should follow was the one she wrote herself.  Tune into her story on my radio show, “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast to hear the mistakes she made and the courage she summoned to find her way “back to her roots”.


Nada Jones Consultant | Founder | Advocate | Author

Nada Jones established herself as a trailblazer that captured the pulse of female entrepreneurs when she launched her best selling book “16 Weeks To Your Dream Business,” followed by her LTD conference that brought more than 500 women to gather under one roof to learn from the best, brightest, and most innovative on how to run and operate their small businesses. Not one to rest on her laurels, she has pivoted and strategized and continued to address what women entrepreneurs need, especially the Gen X er’s and Baby Boomers. Tune into my radio show, “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast to hear what she is up to now.


Sarah Magidoff of Made by Canopy

Sarah Magidoff of Made By Canopy seemed to well, have it made. But behind the screen of a well-placed smile and can do attitude, she was suffering from extreme unhappiness and crying when no one was looking. How she found her way back to what really lit her up is a fascinating story that can be heard on my radio show,  “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast.


Traci DeForge I Business Strategist

Having slashes to your name may seem like a conquest, but it can also ruin your health., stifle your creativity, and keep you from moving forward. Tune into my radio “show, “Entrepreneurial Voce” with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast to hear Traci describe how she is slowly quitting the rat race and bringing together all the things she loves under one roof.


Colleen Monroe of Untucked Workwear

If you have ever wondered what goes into launching a fashion brand, this is the story you need to hear. Colleen takes us step by step on how she approaches design, and what she has learned along the way in my radio show “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast.


Jan McCarthy Artist Creative Developer Small Business Coach

The tables are turned on me, Jan McCarthy, host of the radio show, “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast when my producer Russ Riba interviews me about my life as an entrepreneur!


Singer + Designer + Actress Kate Voegele

She always thought she would find a career pursuing something as an artist, but in the meantime, she wrote songs and sang in the local coffee houses. That is, until she met this guy and her life took an unexpected turn.  Join me in conversation with Kate Voegele, singer, songwriter, artist, and actress of the former TV show  “One Tree Hill” as she speaks candidly on my radio show, “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast.


DR RICK MORRIS, The Morris Spinal Stenosis and Disc Center

It was a need to perform well and get closer with his Dad that led Dr Rick Morris down the entrepreneurial path, but what he learned along the way is what is driving him now. Tune into my radio show “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast to hear more.


Founder + Curator + Storyteller with Wakako Takagi I Baum-Kuchen

In a day when digital consumes our lives, it’s mesmerizing to walk into a store that promotes analog, in all its raw and basic form.  That’s how I felt when I visited Baum – kuchen. I completely lost myself in the possibilities and knew I had to meet the owner who inspired such an amazing adventure in retail shopping. Now you can explore this wonderful business when you listen to my radio show, “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast.  


Audio Menu with Russ Riba

As a busy radio personality and career driven individual, Russ Riba always made it clear that he was never going to get married and never going to have kids ….. until he did. In a role he never expected, he did marry, he did have kids, and even more of a surprise, became a stay at home dad who did his work at home while raising his two boys! Wonder what that looks like?  Tune into my radio show, “Entrepreneurial Voice” that airs as a podcast to hear Russ describe how he was able to successfully build a career and handle the role reversal like a “dad.”


Eric Martin of Lost Winds

If you love what you do, you will never have to work a day in your life is the philosophy Eric Martin of Lost Winds, (a free dive and spear fishing shop) subscribes to and it shows in the passion and dedication to his business.  Tune into my radio show, “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast to hear what it takes to create a business you love.


Christine Ko of Venia Collection

How do you design a collection that is tech forward, functional, sustainable and ethically made? These core values are behind every piece designed in the Venia Collection and during my interview with Christine Ko , social entrepreneur, CEO, and co-founder of the CLEEN market on my radio show, “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast, she talks about why this is so important. You can tune in here.


Jason Martin of L.A Wine Project

It takes a lot to launch a winery and build a wine empire. There is a lot of red tape and factors outside of your control to consider, but that didn’t deter Jason Martin when he launched LA Wine Project. His why was way more important than the struggles he would face. Tune into my radio show, “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast to hear the inside scoop on urban wine making, specifically Rose’.


Rebecca Bernard Aguiar of Family Go Global

Want your kid to eat squid and love it? Roll his own sushi and order his dinner in Spanish? Love history and teach you about a foreign country like a local? Eagerly shoo you out the door so she can spend time learning? Then meet Rebecca, who co-founded World City Center and then launched Family Go Global on her own to do learning and family vacations different. Listen in as she shares her philosophy on my radio show “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast here!


Mariko McKittrick of Marikoko

She has an infectious smile and a taste for beautiful things, especially those that are handcrafted by female artisans. Pair that with a mother that is also smart and world savvy and you get a beautiful interior lifestyle boutique named Marikoko, after daughter Mariko and Koko, the mother. Tune into my radio show “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast to hear their story.


Juan Pablo Torre of Tuck Hotel

Some people dream and Juan Pablo Torre was one of them. He dreamed he would build a gathering place for friends, family and guests. He found a dilapidated brothel built in 1922 in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, and when he went to build his dream, everyone said, “It wont’ work, your concepts are crazy.” Tune into my radio show, “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast to hear just how crazy Juan of Tuck Hotel is.


Marrin Costello, Jewelry and Lifestyle Entrepreneur

The word is changing faster than we can turn around but my chat with Marrin Costello brings us up to date as she shares what it means to be as a jewelry designer, lifestyle entrepreneur and influencer on my radio show, “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast. Tune in now!


Jenna Taylor of YogiNest

This isn’t your ordinary girl loves yoga and launches a yoga practice story. It isn’t even a girl is sick and finds salvation in yoga, although she did. This is a story of determination and grit, struggle and triumph. Tune into my radio show “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast to hear the real story behind the girl, Jenna Taylor of YogiNest.


Claire Van Holland of CV Ledger

The path we choose is not always the path we go on. As a trained dancer and communications major, Claire Van Holland of CV Ledger assumed her life would be filled with creative endeavors. She was half right. The other half came through osmosis. Tune into my radio show “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast to hear more about Claire’s entrepreneurial journey.


Monica Bloom of Hey Monica B!

My eyes are looking over there is what she told her boss the day she quit her job.  It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but Monica was as ready as she would ever be. Tune into my radio show “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast to hear what her eyes saw and her heart knew.


Heidi Merrick of Heidi Merrick

Heidi Merrick launched her brand with four statement pieces, styled photos and a shiny new website but shortly thereafter, she sold $30,000 in less than three hours.  Say whaaaaaaat?!!!!!  Find out the secrets to Heidi Merrick’s successful fashion line along with a bit of other valuable information about love and life, (Bonus!) when you tune into my radio show “Entrepreneurial Voice “ with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast.


Valerie Howard of Valerie Howard

How do you know when the right time is the right time? Valerie had to make that decision when she launched her branding and marketing business but boy is she glad she did! Today she meets with clients at her favorite dream location or finds joy in helping other local burned out entrepreneurs find the right time too! In our conversation on my radio show “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast, Valerie shares her insights on what it takes to transition from where you are now to where you want to be. Tune in here!


Paper Machine: Natashia Miyazaki

She has a British accent that you could listen to for hours, but more than that, she dishes out some sound advice about what it takes to launch and run an edgy, avant garde fashion brand when you are the face behind the brand. Tune into my radio show “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast and soak up all the advice this fashion designer + has to offer.


Ricki Booker Events

In the end, we all want to discover our true calling and hope it will bring happiness and fulfillment. This is that story. And although the road to happiness wasn’t strewn with rocks and broken glass, there were a few pebbles along the way. Ricki Booker shares the decisions, jobs and other pursuits that helped her to develop a comprehensive skill set that married nicely with her passions, and in the end, allowed her to follow her natural career path and find true business happiness. Tune into my radio show “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast to learn more about Ricki Booker’s journey,


Debra Denniston of Hipsters For Sisters

When Debra first tasted freedom, she was hooked for life. But with two daughters who disapproved, she didn’t know what to do. Finally she listened to the voice inside her, but was it enough to make her daughters come on board? Tune into my radio show “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast and find out if she got the okay she needed.


Michelle Aquino with M Dot Design Studio

At 19, she had her first avant garde, safari inspired collection ready to show and one week before the debut, the venue cancelled. What Michelle Aquino of did next will inspire even the most timid, but you will have to tune into my radio show “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast to find out.



Question: How do you make magic? Answer: You put a couple of mad scientists together. In this case, it is the dynamic wife wife team, Lisa and Brynn of Londubh Studio who not only found love when they started working together, but found the creative spark that made magic happen every time they collaborated on a project.  Tune into the radio show “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast to discover the secrets that help this fearless team design some of the most extraordinary art I’ve ever seen.

Cyndi Finkle - Multipreneur

Cyndi doesn’t know how to say no, or maybe she knows how to say yes to creating businesses that fit her lifestyle and brand.  She embodies the word MULTIPRENEUR and at one time, she was the owner of four very successful businesses that varied in their offerings and demands. She has since whittled her business roster down to two thriving businesses but has learned a lot along the way. Join me on my radio show “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast to glean a few pointers on what it means to create, buy, sell, and grow a business or two, or three or four while raising a family and finding time for yourself. 


Fine Arts & Photography Karen Bystedt

It took a lot of gumption, creativity and a certain moxie to get the famed Andy Warhol to pose for a photography session in 1982 with just a budding student from NYU, but then, that's the kind of creative entrepreneur Karen Bystedt is, living by her own rules and creating art from a multitude of mediums. Her story is fascinating and rich with art, photography, books, famous people, and her newest projects including the KingKollection featuring Andy like you've never seen him before and The Gold Queen series using her own naked body as a canvas for one of the pieces in the collection. How she taps into all this creative energy and comes up with successful art installations and projects is discussed in my latest radio show "Entrepreneurial Voice" with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast. Tune in now! 


Gregory Keith Photography

The advice “Keep shooting “ is what played in his head over and over as he pursued his dream, and eventually he reached a pinnacle of success only a few are able to obtain.  Tune into the radio show “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast, to hear the story behind famed photographer “Gregory Keith” and the steps that led to his success. The advice “Keep shooting “ is what played in his head over and over as he pursued his dream, and eventually he reached a pinnacle of success only a few are able to obtain.  Tune into the radio show “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast, to hear the story behind famed photographer “Gregory Keith” and the steps that led to his success. 


TAMI SPENST |Creative Entrerpreneur

“When all is said and done, she hopes to say she lived a big life with tremendous gumption and, of course, pluck!” These are the words Tami Spenst lives by, but in her case, she doesn’t have to wait until all is said and done. Tami’s three businesses already have her living a BIG life and while they may all be eclectic, (Actor, Interior & Event designer and co-owner of The Wheelhouse (a coffee shop and bike shop) they share a common thru line of creative experiences and storytelling. Tune into the radio show “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast to hear the secrets and philosophy that has helped Tami find success and happiness in her all her entrepreneurial pursuits!


Business school says launch a business by solving a problem or filling a need. TRUE. But after years in a corporate setting, the main need that Desha Peacock wanted to fill was personal fulfillment in her work. Did that count? Could she find her North Star? Would others want to be a part of her journey? Tune into the radio show “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast to hear Desha share how she found her sweet spot and is helping others to find theirs.


Every little girl dreams, but not many dream as big as Tarina Tarantino. She grew up to buy a princess (building) in historic downtown LA, and aptly named it the Sparkle Factory. It is here that she designs and creates the iconic Tarina Tarantino brand of jewelry, accessories, and cosmetic line that is known around the world. Wonder how to make your dreams come true? Tune into the radio show “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast to hear this fairytale story and get swept up in the stuff dreams are made of.


Can a movie change your life? It did for Amira Rahim. She remembers the moment distinctively, when like a thunderbolt out of the sky, she heard one line that called her out, shook her up and propelled her to change course. Maybe it will speak to you too. If you have ever wondered if you are on the right path, tune in to hear Amira as she shares her story about her entrepreneurial life and the aha moment that took her there.



She melts frozen women for a living. No, this isn’t some Las Vegas Show on the strip, but it feels like magic when Janelle does what she does best. Tune in to  "Entrepreneurial Voice" with Jan McCarthy, the radio show that airs as a podcast to find out how she got started on this unique path of entrepreneurship, and what she discovered about herself along the way. 


Friends and family often mean well, and sometimes they are spot on with practical sound advice. But Tracy Hiner had a rebellious streak and she knew she was right. Or was she? Tune in to the radio show “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy that airs as a podcast to find out what Tracy discovered on her journey to entrepreneurship and if her friends and family knew what’s best!


Leaving “adulthood” (financial security, a good job, a safe place to call home) to follow your dream can be frightening enough, but when you are trying to break into the hardest business out there, it can be downright irresponsible and most likely impossible. Tune into the radio show podcast “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy to hear Tracy as she shares the tactics and savvy branding philosophy she used to garner over 3.6 million listens on Spotify and score her first tour opening for Mr Little Jeans in her first year in the music industry.


Never pay rent for an office again!! Want to know how? Tune in to the Radio Show Podcast “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy to hear Avital of Avital Tours share how she skips the whole office scene and runs her business from her phone. She also reveals the secret interviewing techniques she uses to attract top talent to guide her neighborhood tours with local restaurants and bars.  Hint: It involves a refrigerator. Really.


It could have ended after admiring each other's jewelry. But the two girls, who separately walked into a bar and met by chance, knew there was more than just a budding friendship in the works. Jen and Annie launched Tribe of Dreamers based on their mutual love for jewelry, travel, and a purpose greater than themselves. Listen in on the "Entrepreneurial Voice" Radio Show Podcast with Jan McCarthy as they share what makes this partnership work, the philosophy behind the brand, how they keep from getting overwhelmed, and why they do what they do.

Blair Townsend of Blair Townsend Studio

An economics degree may be the way to go when you want to play it safe, but playing it safe is the last thing Blair Townsend had in mind when she embarked on a journey to Haiti to take over and renovate the Hotel Oloffson.

LUMI with Jesse Genet

Jesse Genet took on a solid industry stuck in the dark ages, and in the process, built a better company that puts a modern spin on all your packaging tools. Wonder how she did it? I did too, so I scored a rockin interview where she discloses all the back secrets! 

dClutterfly with Tracy McCubbin

This week on the Radio Show Podcast “Entrepreneurial Voice” with Jan McCarthy, I talk to Tracy McCubbin of dClutterfly about how her ability to see through the mess and envision a space that is organized and clutter-free, led her to create a business with zero capital and zero experience. Almost 10 years later, she boasts more than 1000 happy clients, a book on the way, numerous awards and speaking engagements or interviews with recognized trusted media. She shares her insights on the psychology of holding onto stuff and the organized way to building and growing a business. 

Kerstin Kuhn of Little Foodie Club

What kind of business does an international food writer who has traveled and eaten her way around the world launch after the birth of first child? Discover this and more (like how do you keep the thrill in your business alive) in my conversation with Kerstin Kuhn of Little Foodie Club.


Angelo & Ed OF angelo:Home & BAXTER MANOR

Learn insider secrets on how Angelo went from a struggling actor and coffee barista to creating a mega empire of everything design! 



Yasmin Sarmadi, took her foodie interest to a business level and launched a downtown LA gem, Church & State despite it being the worst time in our economy.



Jennier L. Bieler, a marriage and family therapist who found through her work with substance abuses and disorders, her passion for dialectal behavior therapy—the idea that two opposing ideas can coexist at the same time.



Rebecca Lewis, who through a tragedy ended up becoming a silversmith and launched her own jewelry line, Gramercy Eight.


Kara Dykert

Kara Dykert turned the simplest life joys into a business: curating dinner parties and drinking whiskey.


Alissa Bell

Alissa bell, a discontented accountant who gave it all up to start a letterpress company, Alissa Bell Press.


Freya Estreller

Freya Estreller, a real estate developer turned foodie who made an art project into a business or two, Coolhaus and Ludlow Cocktails. 


Margalit Ward

Margalit Ward, grew up thinking it was normal to own your own business and now consults and coaches people helping them grow their own dreams into businesses. 


Dr. Martin & Dr. Zavala

Dr. William Martin and Dr. Shelly Zavala, therapists who saw a need for affordable programs to help patients looking for treatment for compulsive and addictive disorders; thus was born the Body, Mind Spirit Intensive Outpatient Program. 


Nora Minassian

Nora Minassian, a designer from Iran with a personal love for outerwear paired with a dislike for the office life who launched a jacket-centered business in the city of Los Angeles. 


Caren Magill

Caren Magill, found usually in and out of a relationship with the corporate world who finally decided to take the leap toward her experiences with body-building and started her own fitness-based food business.


Erin K Smith

Erin K Smith, a savvy set decorator who melded her professional experience with a newfound love for tarot by way of a traveling caravan.


Jaclyn Johnson

Jaclyn Johnson, a NYU alum who once responded to a Craigslist job post that ended up launching her into the world of social media marketing before her own launch of a marketing agency, We Are No Subject. 


Dechel McKillian

Dechel McKillian, grew up and stayed on the pat to becoming a pediatrician. It wasn’t until before taking a break during the MCATs she realized her most surprising yet natural love: fashion. She now works as a fashion stylist. 



Stacee Coleman and Kim Byerrum, the duo behind a music licensing and supervision company aimed to find talent and all from the creative comforts of their downtown loft. 


Kimberly Fowler

Kimberly Fowler, a lawyer turned pioneer in fitness who after a physical accident, ended up starting a movement by combining yoga and spinning called YAS.


Amanda Micallef

Amanda Micallef, noticed a lack of curation on the Internet which sparked the beginning of her own magazine, Arsenic, that also serves as a platform for other creative people. 


Meyghan, a model turned designer whose youthful rebellion led her to the art of welding and furniture design. 


Do Kim

Do Kim, a numbers fan who turned her enjoyment into a proficient business in a male dominated industry. 


Ursula Hessenflow

Ursula Hessenflow, an art and business major who paired her analytical and creative skills in creating a series of start-ups and businesses through unique partnerships and teamwork. 


Joanna Kinsman

Joanna Kinsman took a childhood passion of sketching and sewing fashion designs into a full fledged business featuring a swimwear line of bikinis.



Best known for his e-commerce site,, multi-serial entrepreneur Bao Vin uses design and business to connect with people, turning small ideas to tangible ones. 



Andrea Bendewald, actress and artist who found The Art of Circling, a place where an intentional community of likeminded people gather to share experiences and story.


Adele Sypestyn

Adele Sypesteyn, a natural born artist who ended up finding a love for the details and was the first woman draftsman at a boat company in the engineering department. 


Catherine Michiels

Catherine Michiels, a Belgium born who fell in love with gemology who ultimately found a home for both her and her passion for jewelry in Los Angeles. 


Jill Aiko Yee

Jill Aiko Yee, an Otis alum turned clothing designer who runs her business distinctly based on one on one interactions, spurred by her past retail experiences and current love for working with customers. 


Catherine Joubert

Catherine Joubert, a communication major with a deep appreciation for the film industry who took risks and ended up in a thriving career as a fashion stylist.


Ryan Jordan

 Ryan Jordan, a dreamy actress whose contagious talents and credible background led her to find and own a full-service nanny agency in Los Angeles. 


Jodi Catena

 Jodi Catena, fueled a business through her experience of loss, a child development degree and passion for corporate daycare. 


Amanda Enclade

Amanda Enclade, a “color” lover who developed a product with a small investment and a keen interest in psychological healing.


Sarah Horoqwitz

Sarah Horoqwitz, a perfumer since the age of eighteen, whose story circles around the power of scent and the purpose of a fragrance.


Wade McElroy

Wade McElroy, an Austin, Texas native who managed to bring his roots, restaurant experience and knowledge of BBQ directly into the center of Los Angeles.


Jo Abbie

Jo Abbie, An Australian with an interest in architecture who ended up as a lifestyle writer who once was told she had a gift in writing from her teacher in front of her whole 7th grade class. Which stuck. 



 Angela Price, spent two decades in Human Resources, before reintroducing herself to her artist side, that led her to become a Terrarium Artist and Garden designer, specializing in small space gardens and is now the creator of Eden Condensed. 



Kris Cahill, once ran a blog and a radio show, while also working in art, fashion and textiles who finally decided to put her “all” in one basket and became a clairvoyant. 


Joanna Holden

Joanna Holden, a longtime lover of design who works officially as a professional handler of all marketing collateral for brands and companies. 


Elise Ballard

Elise Ballard, was fired once from a major job as the assistant for a marketing guru who ended up finding both a relief and her ultimate passion for acting and authoring books. 

Sarah Shapori

 Sarah Shapori, discovered a newfound feminine strength throughout her career which ultimately catapulted the creation of her own public relations firm, giving her a new sense of understanding and purpose in the field.


Daniel Shemtob

Daniel Shemtob, learned early on success equated interest and combined his background of real estate and adoration for food into a thriving business—all through a food truck, better known as the Lime Truck.  


Andrea Buchanan

Andrea Buchanan, a writer, producer and director who at a dinner party with her husband, discovered a renewed identity and was called to her surprise, an “entrepreneur” for the first time in her life. 


Janene Zakrajsek

Janene, a pet industry leader who pushed the boundary at the get go by her cheeky business name choice, convinced that knowing your audience is all you really need.