Women and the Wild, Wild, Desert!

Meet Us in the desert in joshua tree, california for a creative women's retreat ON NOV 3-5, 2017




MEET us in the desert in Joshua Tree, CA for a CREATIVE WOMEN’S RETREAT on NOV 3-5, 2017

PERFECT for female entrepreneurs, creatives, artists or any woman looking to find clarity, direction, or empowerment

HOSTED by Jan McCarthy and Dana Flores

Lacking purpose or passion? Need to feed an itch, or your palate? Wanting some clarity in your business or your life? Ready to reset and refocus and exercise your creative muscle to bring more happiness, confidence and success into your life? Craving some self-care and self-expression time for you? Just you? Come explore the desert in Joshua Tree with a group of wild, wild women in the pursuit of art, leisure and life!! Want to learn how to make a mean cocktail and fanciful dinner, paint a vivid abstract art piece, craft a talking stick/paintbrush, make a ceremonial teacup, listen to sound waves to restore your body’s natural balance and hang out under the full SUPER moon in a circle and make moon water? Yeah, baby! You can! Join us at the casa of Dana Flores in Joshua Tree for all activities! (Directions included with registration)

ACCOMMODATIONS are not included in this retreat, but if you want to camp out under the stars, rent a house with a gaggle of girls, or find a quiet airbnb to retire to at the end of the day, we are happy to make recommendations. Please note that at this time of year, airbnb's may fill up quickly.

This is the perfect RETREAT to gather a bunch of girlfriends to get away and refresh and refocus on your business or just have girlfriend time away from everything!!

Register here now for this CREATIVE WOMEN’S RETREAT in the beautiful desert of Joshua Tree.  Only $597, a restorative, creative, inspiring retreat unlike any other.  Register now before prices go up!



WHEN: NOV 3 – NOV 5,  2017

WHERE: All retreat activities will take place at the Casa of Dana Flores

ACCOMODATIONS recommendations will be provided upon registration


FRI: November 3

4-5        Welcome cocktail party

5-7        Cooking class

7-9        Dinner


SAT: November 4 – Beaver Full moon – Super Moon

7-8        Meditative Moments –yoga, meditation, affirmation, morning pages, - optional

8-9        Continental breakfast

9- 12      Hike, foraging, and creative session to release inhibitions

12-1       Leisurely lunch

1-3:        Make clay ceremonial tea cup  & sage smudge stick. Clay art to be sent to each person after firing 

3-5        Craft a Paintbrush / Talking stick

5-6        Free time grazing, happy hour, appetizers

6-8        FULL Moon Circle, make moon water, 8-9      

9-10:30 Dinner


SUN: NOV 5, (please note, daylight savings ends)      

8-9          Mediatative moments

9-10         Continental breakfast

10-1         Painting

1-2           Continental lunch        

2-3          Closing Ceremony: Sound Bath, Yoga, Appreciation Moments

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Cancellations are not refundable but may be transferred to another female participant



I am a native Californian who is a ceramic artist and a professsional chef with the company I helped found, Bread & Wine. My passion for food and ceramics came from living abroad where all things are Wabi Sabi (the perfection in imperfection) and my influences are everything with regard to ttravel and visisitng in nature and history. From the dainty and delicate gifts that I found from natiure like little rocks, shells, flowers, and seed pods to the larger scale treasures to behold such as volcanoes, jungles, and temples, shrines and lotus gardens, all of these wonders have woven their way into my psyche and heart, and are are are channeled in the creations of my work in food and art.

My love of the desert and its silence inspired me to retreat to Joshua Tree, a place where I go for creative rejuvenation. The time spendt out there the last few years has reawakened my passion for sculptural ceramics, and the influence of being a chef and raising three children for the last 16 years is instrumental in detail, shape, and movement of my pieces today. I am being brought back to my core when creating new and passionate works.



As a multi-faceted creative and business-minded individual, I believe in blending the left and right brain to achieve the most, comprehensive result, and have taught many workshops, classes, retreats and events that pair art, business, creativity and pleasure together. That means whatever you do with me, it will be F.U.N., very creative, inspirational and instrumental in supporting your life, business or creative endeavors.

My mission is to support, inspire and empower entrepreneurs, artists, and curious individuals to find their creative and/or entrepreneurial voice by providing counsel, resources, community, education and instruction. (I'm like your best friend that really gets you!)

Part of my inspiration draws upon a family heritage of entrepreneurs and inventors, including a great-great grandmother who held the distinction of being the first woman doctor in the state of Georgia and valedictorian of her medical graduating class. Creating, building, designing, and inventing are all in my genalogy and it couldn't help but rub a little bit off on me. 

After being born into an entrepreneurial family, I grew up to marry an entrepreneur. We had two daughters who are now grown and are also entrepreneurs. When I am not creating something, I am traveling the world, reading good books, dining out, spending time with family and friends, and figuring out how to have a party that always includes interesting guests, great conversations, amazing food and drink in a great location. I am lucky to embrace a dual lifestyle, splitting my time between my loft in downtown Los Angeles, CA and my ranch in Boulder, CO