Okay, I'm guilty. I'm one of those people who does as many things as she can [and there are a lot of things we are supposed to do!} twitter, FB, blog, instagram, email, network, etc, but as much as I have been doing them fairly consistently, I don't track my progress regularly. In fact, I am ashamed to admit, I barely track my progress at all. And that's probably bad.

I guess one reason is I never liked statistics. Another reason is I don't really understand how to use all the tools I have at my disposal. And the last reason is I like doing what I do without having to analyze every marketing step I make. I enjoy writing my blogs and posting my pictures on instagram and FB. Part of me fears that if I have to keep track of who likes what, I will alter what I say or do and it could possibly become a chore. 

Right now I write from the heart, for me, and whatever audience I may have. If I'm measuring everything, that could change. And that could be a good thing. To become successful, we need to know if what we are doing is really effective. Is anyone listening? Are we growing? So it is important to be in the know. 

And so with that in mind, I will maybe start to pay a little bit of attention and take the advice I would probably give my clients. Pay attention. Be in the know. Balance what you love with some of the more necessary parts of business. 

xo, jan




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