Most everyone seeks a certain level of comfort. In life and in business. But being comfortable can be a double edged sword. And there is more than one type of comfort.

There is comfort where you stay in the same place out of fear of the unknown. When you are a prisoner of this type of comfort you will not be able to grow or look at your business objectively.

The other type of comfort is the kind where you get comfortable and forget to stay aware of foreign objects that can penetrate your business and leave you vulnerable or impaired. This can be a competitor that stays current, fresh, and captivates or captures your customer base while you weren't paying attention (or were staying "comfortable"). It can be a supplier that leaves you high and dry when they pull out, change course, change their formula or simply stop producing. 

Comfort is nice when you wrap yourself in a big furry blanket or get a much needed hug. But in business, don't let it linger too long or you might find yourself in a most uncomfortable place. 

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment