Back in the old days, a barn raising, also historically called a "raising bee" or "rearing" in the U.K., describes a collective action of a community, in which a barn for one of the members is built or rebuilt collectively by members of the community. Barn raising was particularly common in 18th- and 19th-century rural North America. I like this idea. Communities coming together to help each other, each individual with talents that contribute to a collective effort.

Barn raising isn't done anymore, but we can see evidence of the practice when it comes to raising a business. There are many groups that regularly get together to help each other build a business or grow it to the next level. Find your group or community. Create your team. It may not be an all day affair with a supper and barn dance held afterwards, but it can contribute to your business in a big way when you have the input of others.

xo, jan



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