Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

I get it. There are many serious things going on in the world. Therefore, I have absolutely NO RIGHT to be ticked off that my husband did not complete the installation of the TV and rewiring in our loft in the time frame I had requested. I should just be happy he is capable of doing these tasks (and truly, I am !!), but this is my reality and I can’t help but still be upset.

When we are so rigid in our thinking, we set ourselves up for major disappointment. If I had anticipated the obstacles (knowing that my husband always take longer than he predicts for a project) and planned for the delays, my husband and I could have enjoyed our time together rather than me stressing out about the hold up. In business, it is beneficial if we can keep these strategies in mind and simply reframe situations or set realistic goals to begin with. These simple methods will help to relieve stress, make us more successful and might even get your project done sooner!

Jan McCarthyComment