Give Me Just A Little More Time

A couple of months ago I signed up for an event, but a series of roadblocks came up as I was trying to head out the door and finally, I just decided not to go! Oddly, my friend Cyndi had the same malady and decided not to go as well. At first, we both expressed how we felt guilty that we had signed up for something and didn’t attend. But guilt gave way to euphoria as we reveled in the extra time, feeling like a schoolgirl playing hooky from school! It was a free day and we both got amazing things done with the extra time! It is the same feeling when the clocks fall back in the fall. Everyone is thrilled that they get that extra hour! Well, FEB 29th, LEAP DAY, gave everyone an extra 24 hours! It is so delicious to have an extra day, that you won’t want to wait another four years till the next LEAP YEAR! Take the LEAP and schedule an event! But don’t go, OR, better yet, schedule in an extra free hour, or day…… just because, and use the time to do what you want! You will be so glad you did, and who knows what you might accomplish!!!

Jan McCarthyComment