You've Come A Long Way, Baby!

Through the years, we have shown incredible strength and determination. The fact that women are launching businesses at nearly 4x the rate of men demonstrates that we are gaining confidence, stepping into our courage, and taking control of our lives. 

During the month of March, International Women’s Month is being celebrated and there will be a focus on the accomplishments of women and the milestones made in history. Looking back at my own personal history, I take pride in the fact that my Great Great Grandmother was the first woman doctor in Georgia and valedictorian in her graduating class of all men. Her courage shaped my own and helped to make me the successful woman that I am today. 

In the 60’s, the average yearly income for a woman was $6000. In the late 70’s, I remember earning about $ 16,000 a year and feeling like I was hot stuff making all that money! However, if I had compared my salary to that of a man in the company doing the same job, I would have realized I wasn’t on the same pay scale at all. Women have worked tirelessly trying to gain equal footing and it hasn’t been an easy climb. Presumably, some day, there won’t be a question as to whether someone is male or female; it will simply be a matter of if they are qualified for the job. 

Entrepreneurship takes away those barriers. Women starting their own businesses have the POWER to control their own destiny. That means YOU can be anything and have everything you want. YOU have the opportunity, the possibility, and the capability to achieve your definition of success, so get on board baby, and make your future be what you want it to be. If you need help, ASK. If you can give help, GIVE IT. Look back at your own past and celebrate the milestones you have achieved and be proud of all that you are. 

If you are looking to launch your dream or grow your business, step into your courage and take that next step.

Jan McCarthyComment