Are You An Olympian?

Although LUCK is an important part of anything we do, (and I do believe the harder we work the luckier we get), luck alone did not get the Olympians to the final challenge and luck will not net them their win.  

Watching the Olympics, we hear story after story of athletes that have overcome diversity and faced challenges that knocked them off their feet or sidelined them for a while. They overcame, fighting back with renewed strength and determination. Sacrifices have been made to get where they are today, whether it is leaving home at an early age to train with a trainer full-time or enduring the financial burdens that come with the territory. They have poured their time and energy into a dream, and on every determined face, you can read the history of the blood, sweat and tears that went into making this dream a reality. Mistakes happen and missteps occur, and you see focused attention as they fight to move on and put the past behind them. I have heard the commentators say over and over after some of the younger contenders have failed to measure up or made mistakes, that this will only serve to make them better and more prepared for next time. The Olympians are a rare breed, but imagine if you were Entrepreneur, training as if you were an Olympian.

As an entrepreneur, we must grant ourselves permission to make mistakes but then move on to the next challenge. We must view our opponent or competition with respect, admiration and a critical eye, yet remain focused on what we do best and bringing our A game to the competition. As an entrepreneur, we must face challenges everyday and decide what we are going to do.

Imagine if we gave the same dedication to our business that the Olympians do to theirs. Imagine if every time there was a challenge, we saw it as an opportunity. Imagine if we were willing to make the sacrifices required in pursuing our dream. Imagine success. Imagine if we set goals and did whatever was necessary to reach those goals.  Imagine if every time we stumbled and fell, we got back up again and kept going. Imagine the whole world cheering us on. Imagine believing in ourselves to accomplish the unimaginable. Imagine facing our competitors knowing our strengths and having confidence in our abilities. Imagine having respect and admiration for our competitors. Imagine winning. Imagine yourself as an ENTREPRENEUR and running your business as an OLYMPIAN.  Imagine what can happen.

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment