What A Customer Wants

When we start our business, it often comes from a place of filling a need or solving a problem, usually based on our own experience. We are very tuned into what the Target Customer needs, especially if we are the Target Customer.  However, as we start operating our business, we might start to drift from our original concept, lose touch with what the customer wants or how it is being perceived by the customer,  especially if we are so immersed in day to day operations that don’t allow for much creative time or introspection.  We can second guess what the customer wants, but the easiest way to get in touch and find out what the customer really wants is to just ASK!  I thought I knew what my agents in my Agency Group wanted out of our group.  However,  in a meeting the other night, I asked each of the agents what they liked about the group, and what would they like to add that would bring additional value.  Some of their answers surprised me, but knowing exactly what the members of the group are looking for and incorporating that into my business plan will only serve to help our group become the very best it can be.  It’s not about me, It’s about them. And that’s the way it should be.

Jan McCarthyComment