What I Didn't Know

Riding in my car yesterday, I was listening to an interview about this fashion designer that was absolutely fascinating, and had me in hysterical laughter as he described how it all began at age five when his mother remarried and he helped design her wedding gown.  Oddly enough, it was probably 30 minutes into the interview before I finally found out WHO the designer was!  What I didn’t know was the designer was Michael Kors! There are several brands that I love or like, and buy them for the quality or the style. Michael Kors is one such brand. One of my favorite handbags is his collection and I covet a few more items that are attached to his name. Listening to the interview took my love of his brand to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL! I actually enjoyed listening to his story so much that when I arrived at my destination, I wanted to sit in the car and hear the rest of it rather than going into the store. I’ve said this before, but we want to buy from people we think we know, like and trust.  Knowing the story behind the Michael Kors brand makes me feel like I do know him and makes me want to be loyal to his brand.  It brings up the importance of letting people know who we are, so do what you can to get your name out there whenever possible.

Jan McCarthyComment