... And All I Wanted Was My Sandwich

Today I splurged!  I had a meeting at my office and I didn’t have time to eat at home beforehand, and although I love the deli downstairs, today I wasn’t in the mood.  So I splurged and ordered delivery of my favorite sandwich from Urth Cafe, approximately 2 miles from my office.  I called the order in at 12:45 and they told me it would be 45 minutes for delivery.  I was hungry, but I was excited for my sandwich which I had been craving for days, so I was willing to wait!  I started my meeting and as it was ending around 2:15 or so, I realized I still had not gotten my lunch and now I was really hungry!  I was looking up the number for Urth Cafe when the phone rang.  It was Urth and they wanted to know if I had received my food.  “No”, I exclaimed!  I couldn’t believe it still wasn’t here.  The manager apologized and told me he would follow-up and that I didn’t owe anything for the upcoming delivery.  I thanked him and waited patiently. At 2:40, still without food, I called back. The manager was astounded to hear from me, because he said that someone had called in right after we had talked claiming to be me, and said they had gotten the order and not to worry.  “WHAT”, I asked?  “I never received my sandwich!!!”  And furthermore, no one knew I had not received my order except the driver and the manager! The manager apologized and asked if I would still like a sandwich.  “Not now”, I replied, as I had to leave for another appointment and I was too hungry to wait for a supposed delivery. “Okay”,  he said, “I won’t charge your card.”  and of course I’m thinking, ummmmm, of course you won’t charge my card, I never got my sandwich!! So not only do I wonder who’s eating my sandwich, but  I ask, “How would you have handled this situation differently?”

xo, jan

This post was written yesterday, but published today, hence, the use of today before a certain time period has occurred.

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