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Something wonderful happens when women get together and start connecting, collaborating, and conversing! Wednesday night’s BUZZ Party brought about 25 women in all stages of business and success together. The room started buzzing immediately with inspiration and excitement as the women shared their story of what they do. It’s interesting because it wasn’t like your typical party where the question is “What do you do?” This was more like, “What do you do, that you love?” In this room the energy was electrifying, and I believe every woman was inspired to realize their dream!

Sofia Kaman, the founder and owner of Kamofie and Company was our beautiful and gracious host for this occasion.  As we all came to know her over the course of the evening, you saw the beauty of this kind of event start to unfold. This wasn’t a “let me shove my business card at you and move on” or speed networking where I don’t remember anyone kind of event. This was personal, a feeling like you were meeting old friends or making new ones. This was marketing at its best, (especially for the CRAVE women that were highlighted at the event) in the sense that the women made real and meaningful connections. When these women think jewelry, they will think of Kamofie and Company, a great store with gorgeous jewelry, including custom and vintage pieces.  When they think interior design, paint color or furniture, they will think of Phillippa Radon Design, When they think of pajamas, they will think of Renee of BedHead Pajamas, and the sleep eye cover they gifted to several women at the event as well as the marketing tip they shared with the group.  We also got to meet CRAVE Entreprenesses Jennifer and Marisa of Esme and Eve Photography who were delightful and as beautiful as the editorial/boudoir photos they take and my friend and Entrepreneur artist extraordinaire Adele Sypesteyn who was a true gift as she helped out, checking the ladies in and doing whatever was needed to make the evening successful.  www,

It was an evening to remember and unforgettable women accomplishing extraordinary things. I’m glad I showed up.

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment