I Finally Did It!

For at least a year I’ve been hearing about this fabulous website called Task Rabbit. Task Rabbit vets out any number of  individuals that can complete tasks for you that you are unable to complete for yourself, don’t want to complete or don’t have time to complete.  Which ever way you look at it, you need help. What makes Task Rabbit preferable, is it is very automated and relatively easy to get started, and all the rabbits are vetted out as opposed to sites like elance where someone will do something for you at the cost of $99  and you take your chances that you may or may not get what you paid for. So I finally bit the bullet and signed up in an effort to help my daughter out who needs an Ikea kitchen put together as soon as possible, especially since her dad may not be able to complete this task in his long list of other more important “to do’s”.  I signed-up and immediately got confirmation I could post my first task. I posted please put together an Ikea kitchen within 3 weeks. I selected all, so I could review the various bids. I have no idea what something like this costs, (but putting together Ikea furniture is the most requested task). Within 5 minutes I got three responses.  Wow! I was so excited to find out what this might cost and how soon someone could start helping. But these weren’t bids, they were questions and they kept coming. Questions like how many cabinets, screwed in the wall or not, plumbing needed or not, sink install or not, counter top included or not, make, model, and serial numbers, style, etc, etc., etc.. I knew none of the answers so I kept having to track down my husband or daughter or look something up myself in order to answer the rabbits. I still haven’t gotten a bid, but I figure the amount of time I put into trying to find someone to do the task by looking for answers to their questions , I might have been able to put together the damn cabinets myself!

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment