I Have To Do That Thing...

I have to do that thing that none of us wants to talk about unless our name is Katie Couric.  You know, a ummm, ah, a um a, colonoscopy. Nothing is wrong, it’s just that time in my life or age rather when they say, ok, let’s do this thing.  I don’t want to. I’ve heard the horrible stories about what you have to drink and (don’t worry, I’m not going to go into the graphic details or show you a video like Katie did) discuss all the other unpleasantries that go along with it.  But I don’t want to do the colonoscopy.  But the fact of the matter is, my health is important to me and I do believe in prevention, at least theoretically and if I can still have a little bit of chocolate, wine or french fries every now and then, I’m good.  So I scheduled my colonoscopy for TUE, September 4th, kicking and screaming a little bit, but I did it.  And today, I started feeling kind of health conscious. I even went and bought my first real green drink after my 2 mile walk.  Pretty proud of myself.  While I was waiting in line for my Green Drink, I got a call from the Dr’s office.  Just wanting to make sure I knew what to do before my big visit.  HUH?! There’s more than the yucky stuff I have to drink the night before starting at 6pm? Yep, starting today I can’t have grapes, (“What?!, they are healthy?!!), no fresh tomatoes, popcorn, beans, nuts, seeds, or green peas. (ok, I dont’ like green peas anyway) And, on Monday, Labor Day, I can only have clear liquids after 7 am before my big day on TUE.  Wow,  so much for a festive Labor Day!

But it got me to thinking.  Of course I don’t want to do the yucky stuff when it comes to my health.  It’s not fun, I have to make sacrifices, but it is important to my health, my overall well-being, and without my health, I’m down and out.  So I will do what I have to do.  But what about your business?  Are you doing the hard stuff to make your business grow? Are you putting systems in place to be more efficient? Are you making the sales calls you need to make to make sales? Are you keeping track of your receipts and inventory.  Are you updating outdated practices and products? Are you learning what you need to learn to stay fresh, and informed? Are you getting regular check-ups on your business and staying true with what is important to you? Are you taking care of your business? Of course that’s not the fun part!  Sometimes it costs money and it isn’t covered by insurance.  It takes time away from our jam packed, overloaded schedule and we don’t know if we really need it. But taking care of our business is just as important as taking care of our health.  If we don’t address the health of our body or the health of our company, we might not have a body or company to worry about. So schedule whatever you need to keep you healthy, in life or business, and know that in the bigger scheme of things, everything and you will be better off!

xo, jan

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