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“Don’t quit dancing just because the music stops” by gerry martin.  A quote that can have several different meanings and interpretations, depending on where you are in your life.

The other day my brother Gerry and I were talking about quotes, those inspirational sayings that get you through the day, over a rough patch or as a reminder of what we are here for. We share a love for sayings and we are always sending each other meaningful quotes. My children have come to tolerate my quoting quotes that seem perfect for the occasion, at least in my mind anyway. They grew up with me using post it notes to post quotes on the computer, the refrigerator, the mirror, or even occasionally tucked in their lunch box. I hope that one day, long after I’m gone, they will remember some of the quotes with fondness and find strength or solace in them as they live their life most fulfilled. They are such a key element to my success and daily life and can help inspire or help me get through just about anything.  

So I loved it when my brother came up with his very own. I posted it on my FB and got several like responses.  Not to be outdone, I set about trying to think up my very own quote as well.  At first all I could think of was every great quote that that I love, and my attempts to write was simply a variation of all the ones I could remember. Then I started to get silly and what I came up with bordered on the ridiculous and complete lunacy, and certainly not worth sharing with the public.  So I got serious, and thoughtful, for at least a half an hour, and I came up with this. It was inspired by watching the “The Dark Knight Rises.”  Hope you like it and I encourage you to create your own to share with my blog.

“Motor through the barricade and create a path for everyone to follow” by jan mccarthy

Cant’ wait to hear some of your own! 

xo, jan

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