Walking Business Lesson #3

Everything you do from the uniforms your employees wear or what you wear yourself, to the font you use, to the colors you incorporate is part of your brand. I could write a huge post on this topic, but for now I want to stick to the branding lessons I learned on my walk.

As I passed a service truck for AC & Heating, I noticed the driver standing on the side of the street in uniform, (it had his name and the name of the company on his pocket), and he was literally acting like he was getting dressed for the day.  He unzipped his pants, pulled them down far enough for me to see his red undershorts and beer belly as he proceeded to try and tuck his shirt in, then finally pulled his pants back up, zipped and belted himself, slicked his hair back with the spit in his hand and as a final look, checked himself out in the side view mirror outside the car and walked into the establishment to make a “GOOD” impression. He made an impression alright!  I wouldn’t call it GOOD!

Further down the block, a little mom and pop store store selling sodas, chips, and various sundries including cigarettes has a blackboard easel type sign that posts various messages in chalk.  The first one I saw posted read something like “Bring your bitch in for a drink.”  ummmm, ok.  Don’t think I will be going there to spend my money.  The next post I saw on another day read something like, “You know you can’t, so let us help  you.  We have cigarettes.”  The last one I read said something like “If you want to get high, we have lighters”.  I can appreciate that the store is trying to be clever, but the message I am receiving is that this is a store I do not want to spend my money at.  I don’t think I like them, and they don’t have the same values I do. When you think about attracting your customers, you want to consider what message you are sending from a branding perspective.

xo, jan

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