A Compliment

I had the extreme pleasure to attend one of the best dinner parties I’ve ever attended the other night, put on and collaborated by a couple of (AMAZING) women in the MASTERMIND AGENCY group I created. ( I will make another post about this in the future) For days after the party, compliments and accolades flowed like water. It was like when someone starts to laugh and everyone chimes in uncontrollably, an infectious toxication that can’t help but affect everyone. The unexpected outcome was that I noticed how compliments started to extend out to almost everyone in the group and just how good it felt.

So the next time you notice and appreciate the efforts someone takes on your behalf, even if it is as small as the way your grocer bags your groceries, or your husband brings you coffee in bed, take a moment to make a big deal about it, and watch their face light up, their body grow a little taller and a spring appear in their step. And you will feel good too!

Jan McCarthyComment