Be A Good Neighbor

I live in a loft part-time, so it is pretty obvious when someone isn’t being a good neighbor. Now, I’m not trying to be all cranky pants this morning, but something was definitely happening in the loft above me last night. They are nice people and aren’t the type to do something intentionally, and to be honest, weren’t even aware that noises were filtering down to me at 2-3am this morning!! (or inquiring minds that want to know, it sounded like their dog is having a great time dropping a bone, or a ball, or some other heavy toy, and may have been having a little partay after his parents had gone to bed).     PARTY TIME

But, in light of all this, (now that I am wide awake,) it did get me to thinking how important it is to be a good neighbor in business.

When you are in a business community, it is important that you don’t interfere or impact someone else’s ability to do business. This might mean not playing your music loud if you are in an office building and sounds emanate from behind closed doors. It might mean not parking in your neighbors spot or taking up parking meant for his/her customers. It might mean that you don’t encroach on his/her property or put huge, obnoxious signs that could devalue his/her business or give the wrong impression. It could also mean that you need to keep your sidewalk cleaned, your trash disposed of properly and a kind word for a fellow business person.

Mostly, just think about how you would like to be treated and you will be the neighbor that can always get help, kindness and consideration (and maybe a referral or two) whenever needed.

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment