Be Clear, Be Bold and Put It Out There

Everyday we say little things to ourselves about what we need or want in life. But maybe that isn’t enough. When we are casual about our wants and needs, we aren’t sending a direct message to the universe to help us get what we are asking for. Heck, we aren’t even giving ourselves a direct message. We need to be clear about what we are asking for and take a bigger, bolder action.

At my MASTERMIND GROUP this month, I put out there that this year I was going to develop systems to make my life more productive, successful and simplified. Now I don’t know that I really know how to develop those systems, but making a bold statement, writing it down, making it a priority was the first step and put me in a position to find the answer and make it happen. Within days of taking the action of identifying what I wanted/needed, I found a book that seems to really spell out some concrete systems I could put in place. A couple of days later, a webinar popped up that seems like it will really show me the way to create the systems I need. If I hadn’t made a full declaration about what I wanted/needed, and been very clear about it, chances are I would have ignored the book, and the webinar, and any other helpful resources to accomplishing this goal.

So next time you are wanting/needing something, be clear, be bold and put it out there and I believe the universe will help you find and get exactly what you want/need. (And yes, this applies to money, and anything else your heart desires)

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment