Be Green

This business lesson is two-fold. One, in full disclosure, I borrowed #1 from another post (don’t remember where) and has some scientific backing of it’s statements about being green. The other is totally my own idea, spawned by this very post.


1. I shared in a previous post that flowers and plants can increase workplace productivity and creative performance. ” In fact, men who participated in one Texas A&M study produced 30 percent more ideas when working in environments with plants, she says. Another study by researchers at Texas State University found that workers with plants or a view of nature reported greater job and life satisfaction. If you don’t have a window view of green spaces, decorating your space with photographs of nature, or buying small plants for your desk, can help relieve stress.”

2. The second revelation about being green occurred to me as I was writing this post and it is about attitude.  In business, I believe we are far more likely to be successful if we can “be green” when it comes to our attitude. Instead of being a “know it all”, assume the position of a “green” or new employee, eager to learn and listen to others. It will teach us a lot and keep us positive and eager in business and life.

xo, jan

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