Clean Your Business

We are all accustomed to cleaning out boxes, drawers, purses, and rooms, AND either regularly or every so often we clean our clothes, ourselves, our windows, our dishes and maybe even our cars, but when was the last time you cleaned your business? “What do I mean?”, you ask.

I mean going through and finding out what is messy in your books, and in your accounting, and maybe elsewhere in your business such as employees that don’t represent your company well or are not serving a valid purpose. I went through and checked all of my business bank accounts today to reconcile the last month as part of the “systems” that will hopefully make my life easier and realized I was paying for two business credit cards I never use. I’m signed up to pay for services I never use. So I cleaned my business by canceling the credit card and the services that aren’t really necessary. How about you? Might as well start the month off clean. Now I’m off to clean my dishes.

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment