Creativity Is A Wonder Drug

COMPANIES such as GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, ZAPPOS, and METHOD know that providing a work space to promote creativity will pay big dividends. They are known for giving workers break times to play games, daydream or participate in other activities.

This is an interesting article that supports the creative work environment theory. I like this.  A CULTURE OF SUCCESS

CREATIVITY is good for problem solving, relieving stress, helping to think outside the box, generating ideas, empowering, increasing productivity and concentration.

WAYS TO BOOST CREATIVITY is to bring more houseplants into your environment, add more natural light to your space, raise your ceiling, look at a view of trees, schedule morning meetings, eat a protein rich breakfast, walk before or during meetings, reduce workplace stress, cardiovascular exercise, brain breaks, improv classes, and/or maintaining a variety of intellectual interests.

Another, innovative approach might be to try this:

Surround yourself with annoying, edgy and mentally agitating individuals or situations and find the perfect recipe for thinking differently or creatively.

xo, jan

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