Don't Leave Money Lying On The Table

My friend owns one of my favorite cafe’s, Coffee + Food and I was there before she opened. I’ve watched her take her idea, dream in a way, from the start and turn it into a thriving, successful, yummy cafe where people clamor to get her stellar coffee and wholesome delicious food. She is open everyday, except Sunday, until TODAY!

It’s been a long time coming, and obviously you have to prove your business model, and staying closed on Sundays was a conscious choice in the beginning as she and her partners all felt the need to have a day off, (they were all involved in other businesses as well), but as time went by and she built her business, customers asked again and again, “Will you open on Sundays?” She listened. She figured out a way. And today, she opens the doors and the money won’t be lying on the table anymore, but stacked up in her cash drawer.  I’m headed there now to help fill the coffers!

xo, jan

Now if this doesn’t get your mouth to watering or put a growl in your tummy saying feed me, feed me…………

Jan McCarthyComment