Fall In Love

Okay, it is Valentine’s Day, you had to know I would write something about LOVE.

So LOVE. Couples do it, fall in love that is, and then after the daily grind and reality of life, sometimes they find themselves not so much in love. Business are that way too. When we first start out with our idea, we love it. It’s kind of all we can think about. Ideas are exploding in our head, we might feel almost giddy and parts of us want to shout it to the world, and others parts of us just want to hug it close and savor every minute of new love. As we move into the daily tasks and challenges that face every business, including the overwhelm, the constant need to keep it fresh and bring money in, it is extremely important to remember why we are doing this business and also to remember what we LOVE about our business.

One of the exercises I have my clients do when they start to find themselves wavering under the pressure, responsibility and commitment of their business, is to sit down and write all the things they LOVE or just love about their business. It is important to think of all the accomplishments they made since they were in business, to think about who they have affected in a positive way because of their business, the problems they are solving or the needs they are filling with this business, and why they got into this business in the first place. What is their mission in having this business. (If you don’t have a mission statement, maybe now is the time to write one.) If you have testimonials, go back and reread them. If you don’t have testimonials, ask your customers to write some. Look on yelp, if that is a site that has worked out well for you to see and feel the love. When you step back and take a look, you might just FALL IN LOVE with your business all over again.

... And to that end, may I just say that I love all of my readers, my clients and my business! thank you for making it possible to do something I LOVE every single day!

xo, jan

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