Finding Gold

We all love the idea of striking it rich, that momentus occasion when when we discover the sweet spot, or feel like we found the gold! The occasion where we discover exactly what our customers are looking for and our customers discover we have it.

In the early mining days, miners gave up everything they had to come west in hopes of finding gold. Many believed the stories of gold just laying on the ground, but it wasn’t really as simple as all that. There were hardships, sacrifices, and a lot of times just raw luck that took a miner from a pauper to a rich man. You had to find your spot, have patience, try different methods to find the gold.

Rarely was it easy. Business is that way. We read the stories of the overnight entrepreneur that “strikes it rich” when his/her website goes viral, his/her company sells for millions. It just takes a brilliant idea. Or so it seems. The truth of the matter is it usually takes a lot of risk, a lot of patience, a lot of hard work, a lot of strategy, and a lot of failure before success.

So the next time you see someone celebrating their good fortune, be happy for them. Read their story, learn their methods, model their strategy, look for opportunities, take risks. And you may find your days of panning for gold will come to an end, as you stake your claim and celebrate your own golden nuggets.

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment