Get Uncomfortable

Uncomfortable is not something that most of us seek out. We tend to want to stay in that place where we know what to do, where we are comfortable, even if it doesn’t take us to a better place, because it’s safe, and well, just easier. And easier is what most of us default to.

So why would we even consider uncomfortable? WE, (okay at least I), grew up with sayings such as “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it OR Stay in your comfort zone.” Given these beliefs, it’s hard to do something that clearly is not something we are accustomed to, especially when the results are unknown and could even be disastrous. However, uncomfortable can take us to places we never considered. It can instill a sense of confidence. It can open up doors and may bring positive things into our life when we step outside our box.

I try to push myself each day to do things I’m not used to. It may be something technical, it may be doing things in my business that require me to research, find expertise from other more experienced individuals or take chances. There is a certain amount of faith, and even though I don’t know the results, I’m okay if I fail. Failing just means I may need to try a different approach, or keep going and not give up. Whatever it is, it’s okay. I know that getting uncomfortable is the best way I’m going to help my business grow. So, let’s get uncomfortable, uncomfortable! Thank you Olivia Newton-John!

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment