Hire People When You Are Slow, So You'll Be Ready When You're Busy

I had a lovely brunch today with one of my friends that has ridden the wave of the Real Estate boom/bust/boom and everything in-between. We got to talking business as we always do, and the conversation came around to how he was doing, in business. (Yes, of course I asked how he was doing personally too, and he is doing fine, thanks for asking!) He said he had a few really great months and then things got a little slow. Upon the advice of his mentor, he was advised to get an assistant. His immediate thought was this was terrible advice and asked why he should get an assistant to train and pay when he barely had enough work for himself. But the explanation made perfect sense. If he kept waiting until he was busy enough, he would never find the time to train someone appropriately, and ultimately, he would lose clients because he couldn’t service them with what they needed. So he heeded the advice and it was the best decision he ever made. Well, maybe not the best decision he ever made, but……., a really good decision that has taken his business to another level. Good advice.

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment