Inspiration In The Shower

I think I may have chatted you up about this before, but if I have, today I’m adding a new twist so it doesn’t count if I am repeating myself somewhat. My husband finds inspiration in the shower. At least every other day he announces another new idea or thought that just came to him while he was completing his morning ritual. I think he thinks he is unique, but I just found out there is scientific evidence that supports finding inspiration in the shower. Really? yep, it seems they have realized that we are waaaayy too connected.

You know what I mean when I say connected. WE are constantly a state of noise. We have a smart phone, (sometimes mine doesn’t seem that smart, oh!, maybe it is operator error), a computer, an iPad, an Apple TV, a regular TV, cable, Netflix, etc. We are aways connected to something, and I won’t even begin to go into the looooong laundry list of social media networks. And when we are so busy staying connected, we aren’t thinking. So when we take a shower, we are disconnected. And guess what, it gives our brain a chance to think for a change.

[SIDE NOTE: When I was teaching, I would ask my students if they took showers? Duh! Of course, they all raised their hands. I asked them if they took their cell phones into the shower. They looked at me like I had two heads as they laughed and said of course not! So I told them to pretend they were in the shower while taking my class so they wouldn’t be temped to use their phone! My intent of course was to get their undivided attention. Perhaps it made them think a little better too! Ha!]

We need time to be quiet, really quiet, to think and generate valuable thought. That is why art classes, dance classes, exercise, and yes, even taking a shower is so good for us! It opens up space in our head to let other information in. It takes the pressure off of ourselves and changes the landscape. So the next time you are looking for a little clarity or inspiration, look no further. Just go take a shower, and listen to the sound of original thought, inspiration and new ideas!! 

xo, jan

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