It's Time For A Change

Over the last year I took a big step and started writing a blog to share what I know about entrepreneurship and business. I did what I tell others to do, just do it. It has been wonderful in helping me to formulate my thoughts out loud and to recognize how much I learn in everyday life that applies to business.  My blog, for lack of a better name, was titled the “entrepreneurial guru” and was a wonderful placeholder while I figured out what really authentically represents me. Well, 81 posts or so later, it’s time for a change as I finally came up with the name that I will be moving forward with. In thinking about my business and what I am trying to achieve, I focused on the fact that it isn’t just one person that provides the entrepreneurial spirit, advice, business lessons, or knowledge to be an entrepreneur.  It is collaborative effort amongst everyone that helps us to find something within and the ability to find our entrepreneurial voice.  And so it is, with great excitement, that I have chosen the name Entrepreneurial Voice to represent the work I do.

Shortly this blog will close down as content is transferred to the Entrepreneurial Voice. I will send you the link as soon as it is established. I hope you will follow me there and continue to learn, share, and participate in the entrepreneurial journey we are all going on.

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment