Let's Talk About Nancy

I met Nancy about 10 years ago when I stood in a long line to purchase dumplings from Sisters’ Pantry, one of the local food vendors at the the Boulder Farmer’s Market. Nancy was efficient and effective wearing multiple hats, manning the hot griddle on that hot summer morning, restocking the counter with sauce packets and chopsticks, adding more ice to the cooler housing the bottled water and taking the time with each customer to give them a warm friendly smile, answering questions and taking their order as though they were the most important person in the world.

When it came my turn, I chose the fresh garden vege and the chicken with fresh thai basil dumplings. And as I told Nancy, one of three sisters that launched Sisters’ Pantry, they did not disappoint!  Delicious and fresh, they were bursting with flavor in every bite. Entrepreneurs (should) know they have to have their “secret sauce” and Sisters” Pantry took that notion one step further and truly created a secret sauce, (well actually two) but my favorite is a the special soy sauce that includes lime and cilantro. The perfect compliment to the dumplings!

Every time since even the first time visiting Sisters’ Pantry, they have greeted me like an old friend. The fourth time I went to their food booth, I asked for a large order of dumplings so I could take them to Vail for the weekend, excited to share these tasty bites with my friends. Unfortunately, they were out of some part of my order, (I don’t remember exactly what!, I mean come on, it’s been 10 years!) but it was either the sauce or a type of dumpling. Duh, that’s the only products they sell! Anyway, when I expressed my disappointment to Nancy, she insisted on bringing the missing product to my house before I left for the mountains that afternoon! I mean, seriously? Who does that? Especially since I lived on the outskirts of town, (not especially close), especially since she had to go to her warehouse to get the missing product after the Farmer’s Market ended, especially since she had been slaving over a hot griddle on a hot summer morning all day!  Who does that? Nancy does.

Now for those of you that know me, I commute back and forth between my home in Boulder and my home in Los Angeles and there have been some long voids between my visits to Sisters’ Pantry at the Boulder Farmer’s Market, especially since the Farmer’s Market is only open during the summer months. So given that fact, how incredible is it that every time I’m in line, Nancy greets me like I am old friend, remembering my name, the street I live on, (sometimes I forget that!) and every so often includes an extra dumpling, maybe a bottle of water, or tucks a bottle of their “secret sauce” into my bag, always letting me know that they value my patronage.

So Nancy, you are a hero in my book. I will continue to support your business in every way I can. Not because you have the best dumplings I’ve ever tasted, but because YOU make me feel like a valued customer. Every time.

If ever in Boulder, stop by Sisters’ Pantry at the Farmer’s Market and see Nancy or pick up a package of dumplings and “secret sauce” at Whole Foods.  xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment