Make Your Customers Smarter, Sexier and Richer

I got my latest issue of Entrepreneur Magazine and I had to laugh, the cover had the sentence “This issue will make you smarter, sexier, & richer.”  I LOVED IT!!  I thought this was absolutely brilliant. THE MAGAZINE COVER PROMISED ME SO MUCH!! It made me think about all the magazines at the check out counter at the grocery store that promise the moon, “GET SKINNY IN JUST TWO DAYS, YOU CAN HAVE YOUNGER SKIN IN 3 MONTHS, HAVE THE LIFE YOU ALWAYS WANTED, MAKE MONEY USING 2 KEY METHODS, TRAVEL TO THE BEST BEACH DESTINATION FOR PENNIES A DAY!”  Right?

So I loved that Entrepreneur Magazine used this medium to grab the attention of their readers and get them to read and grab their magazine!  Who can resist?

I scoured the magazine to see where they talked more about  how you are going to get sexier, smarter or richer, but never found it, Doesn’t matter, they got your attention!! and in the end, THAT’S WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT!


Jan McCarthyComment