Mistakes Are Gonna Happen

(Fair warning, this has some graphic content)

No matter how hard we try, mistakes are gonna happen. We are going to send the wrong order, charge more or less than we intended, (like when it comes time to adding up a bill) mess up a name, link to a dead site, or in the case of Denver News TV station, we might accidentally show a ummm, a ummm, penis during a news cast. Some mistakes are more catastrophic than others, and some are just a blip in the radar screen. Most all of them can be fixed, if the mistakes were made without mal content.

In the case of the Denver News Station, if you watch the clip; I was pretty impressed that not only did the station make a formal apology, but they also didn’t miss a beat and acted completely professional when the screen showed something completely contrary to what they were talking about, especially since the subject was about the helicopter crash in Seattle and obviously was a sensitive subject.

It seems I have had to deal with a lot of mistakes happening this week. Incorrect billing, (4 x, not me billing incorrectly, someone else…., so check those invoices and credit cards people!) bad links, wrong order, misguided labeling, (my lemon tree is not a meyer lemon!) and a few others that I’m sure I was the perpetrator, but obviously don’t remember what. The thing is, most of them are not really a big deal in the end. As a consumer, show a little patience and understanding, as the person making the mistake, make apologies, make amends and move on. And always act with integrity. Now go enjoy a laugh watching the video above and know everything is all good….

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment