Put A Little Magic In Your Product or Service

No matter what we do in business, we need to have that something extra, a little magic if you will. To me, magic is when I’m surprised (in a good way) that something turns out as good as it does. It seems effortless. It is special!

Today I used a product that is MAGIC indeed! It is the Magic Eraser and will erase many things from scuff marks, soap scum, dirt and grime on a multitude of surfaces and it really delivered on its promise! The other product doesn’t claim to be magic but it is! I got water stains off my marble table! Love it when magic happens and the claims are true! If only everyone put a little magic in their product or service, they would have very happy customers! I love Magic Eraser and Krazy Kloth!  

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment