Remove All Broken Glass

I’m not sure how, but I was walking around in my loft the other day and realized I had something in my foot. It was more than a major annoyance, it was a real ouch! Upon further inspection, I realized I had a piece of broken glass, embedded into the ball of my foot. Of course it wasn’t serious, but it did require immediate attention, and spending an extra half an hour to get it out was not what I had on my agenda. In an effort to find the business lesson in all of this, I thought about the fact that what we pay attention to is what stops us in our tracks. (literally and figuratively.)

I don’t remember the last time I broke glass, but apparently I didn’t, (or someone else) didn’t take care of the job properly. So always try to clean up your mess throughly and it won’t come back later to cut you in the foot, and what kind of broken glass do you have lying around that is going to stop you from doing what you want to do?

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment