Sometimes Just Saying It Out Loud

Sometimes just saying it out loud can generate a solution, idea or inspiration. Several weeks back, a friend asked me in an email if I knew anyone that could help her with a creative project she had been working on.  At the time, I came up blank as I didn’t understand the project and no one came to mind.  But today, I got the opportunity to talk to my friend in person about her project and understood better what her needs were and just hearing her say out loud what she needed triggered a part in my brain that helped me to retrieve a contact that may be just the right person to help.

Sometimes just saying it out loud will help us to look at things in a different way, so next time you are fumbling for an answer, try talking out loud, even if it is just to the mirror and see what happens. There may really be something to talking to one’s self. And of course, it is scientific fact that we process information differently when we see it, hear it, visualize or a variety of other ways.

Jan McCarthyComment