Start A New Thing

I’m working from my home in Boulder today, and as is often the case, for myself and I assume most entrepreneurs, I get distracted. Especially when I’m working on my computer, and the distractions are not always work related (er, ahem) items of note. The getaway vacation that shows up in my inbox takes me away and the interesting article on how to get red wine out of my favorite outfit can have me scurrying up the stairs to try it out. But quite by accident, I think I’ve found a new solution to keep me focused and keeping like related tasks together. I sit down to work on the computer, and it is at 100%. (I’m using a laptop by the way, so this may not be the exact solution for you but you get the idea) I work until I’m finished on the computer or it runs out of juice, whichever comes first! For the last two days, it has been really incredible at keeping me on task. I might even play games with myself and say i will get four emails written before it reaches 45%!  Anyway, I’m always thinking of ideas, solutions and creative ways to implement a system. So try it, or come up with your own way to start a new thing. And let me know what you come up with. Or what you are doing right now. I’ve got to sign off. I’m at 50% and it is time to write another post.

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment