Start The Day Off Right

I’m not a coffee drinker, but…. I do have hot tea most mornings and I LOVE sipping the warm beverage out of one of my favorite cups. Today, as I sat down to write my blog, with hot tea in hand, I noticed my cup in a different way. I’m not high maintenance (my husband may disagree) but I do have some quirky habits and one of them is being attached to certain things. I would rather not have the tea than drink it out of just any ole cup and I realized that I’m pretty specific about which cup I select, depending on my mood.

Now in Boulder, I have about a jillion cups, but my five favorites are 


and they all mean something different. The one I select depends on my mood.  Or perhaps more accurately, starts my day off right, with the mood and the tone I need for the day. The Wonder Woman cup makes me feel like I can take on anything, the London cup brings back memories of adventure, the “You made it cup” reminds me to set goals, and celebrate the accomplishment, and the two other cups on each end were cups my parents used and remind me to love and cherish each moment of every day.

So start the day off right. Do it by drinking from your favorite cup, finding a few moments to meditate, making your list, exercising, or whatever feels right to you. And have a great day. I’m drinking from my London cup today, watching the snow fall, ready for the next adventure in life!

xo, jan

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