Stick To Your Commitment

Stick to your commitment and don’t bother with the naysayers, if it is working for you. I made a commitment at the beginning of the year to write business lesson everyday for the year 2014, and share it in my blog for my readers. I’m excited about it, (of course it is only day 23, but I’m not complaining) And this blog really isn’t about me. It’s about inspiration from a man that made the ultimate commitment in my book.

Raven is a man I read about in the Southwest Spirit Magazine and I can’t stop thinking about him. For the last 39 years, EVERYDAY, Raven gets up, rides his bike 6 blocks to a gym to work out, and then heads to the beach in Miami and RUNS 8 miles! EVERYDAY!!!!!! in the rain, the sun, various hurricanes, you name it, he hasn’t missed a day in over 39 years! I mean, who does that?!! Apparently more than 400 runners nationwide run at least one continuous mile within each calendar day under one’s own body power and they are called American Streak Runners, that’s who. There are actually at least seven other people that top Raven’s record! Wow! It makes writing a business lesson everyday seem like a walk in the park. 39 years?!! I can’t think of anything I have done that consistently that I chose to do, everyday, for 39 years, including brushing my teeth!

What I really liked about the article, besides the fact that this is a person who really sticks to his own commitment, at least until he decides (or his body decides) not to, but that he is doing it for himself. Raven said he isn’t fazed when people call him crazy. “I just say, This is what I do. It’s what works for me.” And that’s what I say, ‘STICK TO YOUR COMMITMENT, IF IT WORKS FOR YOU.

How did Raven get started on this crazy path? Well, you will have to read the article yourself to find out.


Jan McCarthyComment