Never underestimate the element of surprise and the benefits or loyalty it can create. Today I was waiting for a food delivery, (after all, it was raining buckets outside and I didn’t want to walk in the downpour to satisfy my hungry stomach!) when I realized I didn’t have quite enough money to give a proper tip. I could have used a credit card, but I wanted to pay cash. Certain I probably had a couple of extra dollars stuck in a pocket somewhere in my house, I started searching through some of my jackets that I wear on a regular occasion. Imagine my delight when I found not just a couple of dollars, but a $100 bill! [No, I didn’t give the delivery guy $100, although that would have been a nice surprise indeed] But….., it did get me to thinking.

I’ve been the recipient of a few wonderful surprises from various businesses in my lifetime, especially as of late, and I remembered how excited and appreciative I was every single time this has happened. So, if you are wondering how to make fast friends and loyal customers in your business, and keep them coming back for more, simply figure out a way you can surprise them, in a wonderful kind of way, and watch your efforts pay off in more ways than one.

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment