Take A Break, Change Your Routine

Mondays are typically wrought with fires to put out, emails to catch up with, and a whole new schedule to complete by weeks end. For many, stress levels are high before you even begin that huge to do list.

So the question is, “How do you change that around so you you not only look forward to a day that is traditionally dreaded, but you in fact look forward to the day?”

Taking a break and changing your routine will go a long way towards turning a dreaded day into a magical celebration or at least a day that goes smoothly and is calm and steady. Normally I would have prepared my list on Sunday evening (well, I did prepare my list on Sunday evening) but the turning point with today is that I did something different. Instead of starting right out on the computer or running around trying to catch up with everything that I didn’t finish Friday or over the weekend, I scheduled myself for something really awesome! First up was a massage at 10am, and at noon, I went to a hair appointment to get my hair styled. Yes, starting my work day at 2 was a little later than normal, but I have to say, when I did get my “work” day going, I was calm, ready to focus, organized and and in a state of mind to take on the world. I can’t do a massage every Monday, nor can I get my hair styled each week, but I can take a few minutes or an hour or so to do something that will put me in a calmer frame of mind, rather than the frenetic state that often accompanies a Monday. I can take a walk, wake up and take a long hot bath, or even go out to breakfast. It will help my mind stay clear, and encourage me to look at Mondays or any day for that matter, differently, which in turn will help me to look at my business differently and in a more positive frame of mind when I get overwhelmed or stressed out.

So, take a break, change your routine, and be prepared to find Monday as an absolutely wonderful way to start the week!

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment