Take The Frustration Away

This has been one of these days! You know the kind, where everything seems to go wrong. Yesterday I talked about the three choices, today I’m talking about the three things that are trying my patience. My coffee cup broke, I lost my keys, again……, and my internet has been on the blink for over a week. Today I spent a LOT of time on the phone with AT & T. After trying several things to get the internet back up and running, trying to figure out the modem, this cord and that, and having nothing work, they scheduled an appointment. Thankfully I didn’t have to be there, since waiting around for technicians to come when I have no internet access would drive me mad. Finally they came, said it was fixed and I returned to the office to get some work done. Yep, you guessed it, still broken. More phone calls, more wait time, more tests, (unplug the modem, do this, do that) no results. Next step, schedule another appointment, but this time, I will have to be there. Waiting, waiting for the technician to come, (without internet) waiting to see if it works, and waiting to see if I can change my attitude. Which I will, but the point of this blog is to give great business lessons, so to that end, see if you can help your customers change their attitude before they become so frustrated they want to rip your head off! Wish me luck!

xo, jan

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