Take What You Need

At the top of the huge stick em page I attached to the wall, I wrote in big, bold, black capital letters, TAKE WHAT YOU NEED. Attached to this page were a collection of green sticky notes bearing powerful words such as A HUG, MONEY, SUPPORT, ENCOURAGEMENT, RESOURCES, CLARITY, TIME and even A DOG. The reason for such a creation will be made clear at the end of this post.

I had the honor of facilitating a MASTERMIND AGENCY GROUP in New Orleans, LA this past THURSDAY to a group of amazing female entrepreneurs making things happen. But for every successful woman, and those that are still reaching their potential, there are things that we need to make the day go smoother or ensure that our journey is just a tad bit easier. So to that end, I created this board to give each of the women in attendance the opportunity to claim what she needed to go forward and make that happen.

The women loved the “TAKE WHAT YOU NEED” page and eagerly jumped up at the end of the session to claim what they needed. No surprise. Most women are able to name what they need, although they aren’t always able to claim it and do what is necessary to make their claim come true. But what really surprised me was the group of men that came by earlier in the day to deliver a chest at the home I was visiting. These full grown men were so excited when they saw the page posted on the wall with all the stickies, they started hooping and hollering and grabbing the stickies as though I had just given them the biggest gift in the world. And I had. We all need to tap into our inner most thoughts and think very clearly about what we need. Because once we have what we need figured out, we can start off in the direction we need to go to be successful. As they say, “You have to name it to claim it!” So name it baby! and let’s get moving!!!

xo, jan

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