There Are Winners and There Are Excuses

I attribute this business lesson to my husband. I’ve heard him express these words of wisdom since I met him over 34 years ago. This really speaks volumes. In the end, it’s all about if you win. When I speak about winning, it isn’t winning in the normal sense of the word where you get some recognition for your great accomplishment. For me, winning means overcoming an obstacle, Winning means taking action. Winning is a state of mind.

When we make excuses, it is usually because we are fearful; fearful to step our of our comfort zone, fearful we may fail, fearful of the unknown. To stop making excuses, we just have to muster up our guts, take action, and keep going till we cross the finish line. It may not be easy; we may have to try different things, research a little bit, make sacrifices, learn a little more, get smarter. If you don’t know something, ask someone who does. That’s it! You can do it. Now get out there and join the winners circle!

xo, jan

Jan McCarthyComment