Turn A "No" Into A "Yes"

Okay, this post has all the markings of a punctuation lesson, so let me quickly explain that I did look it up (thank you Google) and it can be NOES or NO’S & it can also be YESES or YES’S, whichever you prefer, they are both right for all those inquiring minds that want to know!

Now, on with the lesson. As most of you know, if you’ve read my blog more than once or twice, I am looking for sponsors for my upcoming SAFARI RETREAT women, wine and the wildebeest. I’m not looking for just any ole sponsor to fill the swag bags with STUFF, I truly am curating products and services that will add meaning and delight to the life of the attendees, not junk to a drawer, or trash to the landfills. So with that said, I’ve reached out to a few companies that don’t know me and have no idea what my retreat is all about and to them, I’m probably just another pain in the ass solicitor wanting something more from them.

I, of course, see it in a different way and if they knew me, would know that I’m sure. From my standpoint, I am providing an opportunity for these companies to share their uber cool, awesome products and services to my like uber cool and awesome audience. Like a dating game, a match made in heaven. So in my pursuit for some uber cool swank for the attendees at my retreat, I found some companies that I thought would be awesome and I asked for their cool stuff and they said NO. But when I looked at their NO, I thought, they don’t really mean no, they just have to see a way they can participate that works for them.  I need to explain in a very compelling way, with just a soundbite of time, how they can achieve their goal of sharing knowledge about their product or service to their target market and I can get their product or service for my lucky attendees. So I told them, thank you for your consideration, but maybe your answer doesn’t have to be NO. And then I outlined a solution, one that they could accept, one that would make everyone happy, and guess what, they said YES!

Now if you are wondering what I got, I wouldn’t be surprised. But in order to find out the goodies I’ve got in my bag, you will have to visit my website to look at my sponsors and not even then will you know the surprises until you attend the Women, Wine, and the Wildebeest Safari Retreat and get your very own SWAG bag!  See you there!!

xo, jan

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