When I Tell Someone, Then They Tell Someone Else And Then They Tell Someone Else

One day I woke up and said, “I’m really hungry and would love to have one of those unbelievable breakfast sandwiches from my friend’s new cafe http://coffeeplusfood.com, that blends a little bit of Australia and a little bit of LA, so I got in my car and drove to the corner of Larchmont and Melrose,  They serve the best coffee too, according to customers that have found their daily fix (I don’t drink coffee but I do love their chai tea!) and also enjoy the really cool black coffee cups.

Satiated and feeling very inspired from some of the delicious food, I stopped by next door to visit www.artworksstudio,org and picked up a schedule to see when I could sign up for classes and when they are doing the next nude drawing and dinner party.

My friend Cyndi is the owner of these two establishments and writes a blog called Practical and Meaningful.  It is nice to read her blog, get inspired and be reminded of what’s really important in life. Her blog allows her to share a part of herself, helping her readers to get to know her on a personal level.  And one way she gets more readers, is that when I tell someone, then they tell someone and then they tell someone else, and pretty soon you have a lot of someones, knowing about you.

xo, jan

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